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Readers Rides Page:48

Unfortunate Before!

Owner= Beaver Koch
From Mountain City, GA
Bike: 86' VF1000R, bought 12/01
Miles at purchase: 31k, Now: 33k
Additions: Kerker slip-ons, Avon AV27/AV36 tires
Photo: Richard B. Russell Scenic Highway near Helen, GA

Unfortunate After.

Owner=Same as above
I don't know all the details, but the driver is alive and doing OK. Unfortunately, the bike will never heal.

Magoo's Sabre

84 SABRE V45, 15K Miles

Owner: Magoo of Milton Washington

I purchased this recently at a garage sale and fell in love with it. Actually the wife found it and came home and said that there is a bike I need you need to see. I still have my Helix 250 CC scooter and will keep it to ride with the kids but I have to tell you this SABRE will get a lot more use.

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