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Readers Rides Page:46

Clean V65!

Owner= Bob Cunningham
purchased bike in Nov. of 2001 ...1984 V65 Magna VF1100C all original,28000 miles,black hope to get fork brace,fanstat switch,oil mod,short stems for turn signals....sweet sweet awesome power bike ...have waited and dreamed a long time before getting this one...have owned a V45 Magna also

huliganized interceptor !

Owner=Another no name
'84 750 still needs alot of work, but loving the ride too much to tear it down again, will finish over the winter

John's V65

Owner:John Williman
This is my 84' V65 1100 Magna. I bought it in May of 2000 with 8,000 miles on it. It had been sitting for about 4 years, so it needed new carb diaphrams, turn signal stays, and some other items. I just put on a set of Dunlop D205's (150/80-ZR16 rear and 110/80-ZR18 front). Feels like riding a sport bike!. I plan to put a set of rebuilt Sabre carbs or 83 Magna carbs on it. Aftermarket exhaust, and carb recalibrarion kit will follow that along with a Corbin Seat. I drive it everyday to work and for fun on the weekends. After 19 years it can still compete with the newer bikes!

John Williman
York, PA

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