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V65 Magna

Owner=Mikey P
Here's a pic of my 84 V65 Magna VF1100. I bought it 2 months ago from a coworker. It's the first bike I've had in 14 years and I wonder why i didn't get another one sooner. After experiencing the take off of a V65, I am hooked on riding. From now on I live to ride baby!!!!!

Mikey P in Ohio
P.S. That's my daughter Kayla trying to look cool on my bike.

Now that's a shine!

Owner=Art Sly
I am and have been an avid Magna fan for years and attach a copy of my pride and joy. Please add to your gallery. I also run a small home business specializing in finishing and polishing aliminum motorcycle parts. My 1984 V45 magna has been totally restored and custom my spare time of course. Take a look at my website Metal Polishing Service for another magna ie. a V30 restoration project as well as other work completed. Please feel free to list my site as a link....that would also be greatly appreciated. Website address is
Art Sly
9 Dover Court
Stillwater Lake
Nova Scotia

Another nice one!

Owner:Chris Kurtz
I really enjoy the website. You do a great job. I have an 83 Magna that I purchased about 3 years ago. It was restored by a guy up in WA. state. I paid $3000 for it but it is in near perfect condition. He had painted the bike a Ford metallic green but I just am not a green lover so I repainted it strawberry red metallic with about 8 coats of clear over it. It came out perfect and looks wet. I also rebuilt the forks (new seals and oil).

The bike has 16800 miles on it and runs strong. It also has the oil mod. on it, a Dale Walker exhaust system, K&N jet kit, K&N air filter, new Dunlop D-205 radials, custom seat, fork brace, stainless steel braided brake lines, Maier wind shield, and the engine cases have been polished. The gentleman also took it down to the frame and repainted it also when he restored the bike. The original fuel tank had been coated inside cause of corrosion so I bought a new tank off E-bay and repainted the whole bike. I also added a set of Honda footrests for cruising. I also put the Dunlop's on it, what a difference those tires made.

The only thing I would like to add now is a backrest/sixpack rack and new rear shocks.

I'd love to see this on the readers rides page if possible. You can use any info you like that you need. I have spent a lot of time reading and learning from the people on the website and would like to give back anything I could. Thanks to all.

Please feel free to email or call me if you have any questions.

Chris Kurtz
Hermiston Or. 97838

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