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Readers Rides Page:45


Owner= Johnny R. Walker
Sending you a photo of my 82 V-45. I bought it new in 82, but got hit from behind on it in 86. I was lucky to live thru the accident, but I also want another bike just like this to this day. This was the best bike I ever had, and I've had 5 different ones in my life. This was my "iron horse" that took me thru the winding roads of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado with great ease. This was the sparkle of a new morning down an empty highway. This was the gleaming shine of machinery under the city streetlights at night. This was my personal 'freedom' ticket, when I just needed to get away from it all. I miss her,,,,dearly.


Owner=Same as above

Swedish V65!

Owner:Stefan Svedberg
My name is Stefan and I live in Sweden/Gothenburg. You have a very nice side on the web. I have what I think a very nice VF. What do you think? So I send you a pic on it. Publish it on your webside if you want. Have a nice ride.

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