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Readers Rides Page:43

V65 Sabre!

Owner= Edward Vidales
Location, Scottsdale Arizona
model V65S Sabre
color: black, silver red stripe.
miles 14500
option: engine protector

$250 Sabre!

Owner= Richard Alty
Year = 1985
Model = VF700S Sabre
Color = Black / Silver / Blue
Purchased = March 3rd, 2002
Price = $250.00
Mileage =62,700
I just picked this up a few days ago from a friend of a friend. The paintwork was crazed, cracked and faded, the engine was filthy, and there was caked on mud on the tires. It started and sounded fine though, so I bought it. A quick session with the hose revealed brand new tires AND brakes front and back, and the engine in excellent condition. Two days with sandpaper, bondo and paint cans have resulted in a bike that looks nothing like its actual 16 years of age. It also runs like a dream, and rides great. Now.... where do I find a fairing ...... and those emblems..... ?

Nice V65!

Hi I just saw your site and love it, This is my bike! 1984 VF1100 Honda Sabre, I live in Ottawa and bought it a few years ago for about $2200, with 30,000KMs. The engine blew a year ago and I reuphostered the seat. The pipe are aftermarket and were on the bike when I got it. I drive it everyday to work when there is no snow.

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