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Nice Picture!

Owner= tony nelms
This is my 84 V-65 This picture was taken on Hwy.1 on the coast of CA. I am from Hawthorne NV. I owned a V-45 for about 6 years before I got my V-65.I have had it for about 3 years now. I would be very honored to see my V on your site.

thank you,
tony nelms

Foriegn VFR!

Owner=Ron Lee
Ron bought this bike in Japan where he was living in 1986. He is the original owner and just loves the bike. He moved it to the USA when he moved back with his wife Toshico and son David. The VFR sat neglected dormant in the garage for years and he thought about rolling it to the street for cleanup. One day he decided to let a dealer have a crack at bringing it back to life. The carbs were cleaned and VOILA - life! Ron's been taking care of her ever since, promising never to let her sit and sulk!

This bike has custom front fork springs with adjustment and an Ohlins rear shock. Although the bike was from Japan, Ron had the dealer take off the restrictive intake, exhaust, and carb jets in favor of Eurospec parts imported from Germany. Looking closely you can see many differences from the version we got in the USA. Even the words on some decals are different! Not to mention there are no ugly front blinker stalks :-)

This is a wonderful and very rare color that really sets the bike apart from others on the road. This bike is otherwise completely stock and Ron even has the rear seat cowl! The dash is metric and there are several home market options the USA bikes didn't get :-)

Ron has enjoyed putting about 55,000km's on this bike. His experiences with this bike have taken him from carving corners in Japanese mountains to riding around NJ and surrounding states on both the freeways and favorite curvy roads. This bike fits him well and he is still riding her like a kid with a new toy, some 15 years later.

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