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Readers Rides: Page 4

Robert's V65 Sabre

Owner=Robert Soback
From=Stockholm, Sweden
Model=V65 Sabre
Color=Silver, Red, and Black
Fairing=CB1100R, with some slight modifications.
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Well, I live in Sweden Stockholm and bought the bike brand new in '87 (it's one of the last ┤85's that where produced). I have by now driven it for 52,000+ miles and it still runs like new, even if it's time now to do something about the cams. So far it's nothing done to the motor beside normal maintenance. Changes done so far beside the faring: Dynojet kit, Yoshimura slip-on's with competition baffles, More open airfilter, Open crankcasewent, Magnum Progressive Suspention fork springs, Íhlins rear shock, Stainless steel brakelines all around.

The Gormobile :)

Owner=Dave "Gor" Borst
From=Hillsboro, Oregon.
Model=V65 Magna
I call the "gormobile". It uses a vw front axle & steering box. I (with help) built the frame, and the V65 in the rear for power. This came about after I lost the use of my right arm in a hit-n-run accident. For 12 yrs after the accident I didn't want anything to do with bikes, but the desire to ride was always in my head somewhere. It finally came out about 5 years ago and the idea of it came to life. There was alot of trial & error, and alot of time & money spent. This was built entirely from scratch - no plans - just a dream of riding again. With the help of 2 very wonderful friends doing most of the physical building, my dream came true. This pic is actually the 3rd generation. The 1st never got off the drawing board, the 2nd was a V45 powered unit that I blew the engine before it got out of the garage (too much beer one night) and the 3rd is a V65 & now on the road. In this pic its about 90% complete. Now its lisenced, insured, & road ready. Most bugs have been worked out so now were improving it & making it comfy.
I will be crossing the country & back on it this year going to Sturgis, SD (and beyond) for a trikers event that is at the same as the Harley event. It is black & yellow. (black bike, school bus yellow frame w/black accents) some accessories are: onboard music/intercom, adjustable drivers seat, & a hill holding brake. Future accessories will be: windshields, removable weather shield for your legs, & 12v power outlets.

Sasha's V65 Magna :)

Model=V65 Magna
Websight=Sasha's V65 Websight Click this link for information on the Control's Forward.