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Not a V4, but still a Reader!

Owner= 'Wally'
2000 Kawasaki Concours. I bought her as a leftover in July 2001 for $6650. She sports a 3 year unlimited mileage warranty. The mill is taken from the Ninja 1000 and it has smaller carbs and different cams. The combination makes more midrange at the expense of top end. The engine puts out 108 hp with about 90 rear wheel hp. In this de-tuned state it is common to see owners getting 150-250K miles without a rebuild. This is backed by a 6 speed tranny that is more sport oriented than touring, but it performs both tasks well. Shaft drive finishes out the drivetrain and needs little maintenance.

This pic was taken at ZERO miles. Since then I have thrown on 8500 miles and done a lot of mods. So far it includes: Full Racetech front Suspension with springs and cartridge emulators, 90/130 watt headlamp with dual relays and 10 ga. wiring, custom highway pegs, Fender Extender - works great to keep nasties off the fairing and the oil cooler and radiator, Ventura headlight guard, Genmar risers to bring the clip 'on's up 1.5", Galfer black coated stainless steel clutch line and brake lines, 4 degree ignition advancer and modified airbox, auxiliary fuse panel and switchable circuit breaker, Factory Pro Shift Kit, hookups for heated suit, and NEP throttle lock. Future mods to include Superbrace, Works shock, aux lights, custom Bill Mayer seat, and trumpet horns. I tried a Corbin and peg lowering brackets but canned them both. I also canned the Clearview vented windshield because the vent doesnt. Tried shimming the needles but the bike didn't pick up power and mileage dropped.

This bike does it all with confidence. Especailly in the twisties since I did the front suspension. It doesn't perform any one task better than any bike, but it performs almost any task you could possibly ask it to do! A super bike for the buck. A few mods really make it perform well. The luggage is removable and panels insert for the Sportbike look. With the luggage in place you can load them up for extended touring and they are HUGE. The 7.5 gallon gas tank lets you go about 300 miles between fillups too! The ultimate bang for the buck for the rider that only has 1 bike.

2000 Concours
1985 Sabre V65

Now, this is pretty!

Owner=Kiser, Jim
My name is Jim and I live in TX and recently found a 1 owner 1986 Honda Magna 700. The bike is in showroom original condition with about 4800 original miles on the clock and is candy red in color. The paint still shines as well as all the black on the engine. Everything works on the bike and it runs and rides like a new one. It has been meticulously maintained by the original owner. It has a Hondaline windshield and Hondaline case guards on it. The windshield is in pretty good condition with some light cloudiness and peeling at the bottom. I am looking for any suggestions to make the shield look like new again, if that is possible. If anyone has any ideas on the shield, please email me at Thanks again for a great webpage.

V65 Magna

I just finished a ground up restoration on my 83' V65 Magna here in the last week and wish to have my baby amongst the gallery of fine rides that you have posted here. All aluminum was stripped and hand polished, drp oil mod, Flanders "daytona" bars, Corbin saddle w/royal blue welt, DuPont chroma-base 87' Honda Candy blue and 8 coats clear with blue pearl, Metz Marathon 880's 150/80-16(R) 110/90-18(F), Progressive fork springs and rear shocks, chrome case guard. Carb rebuild and valve adj. all completed utilizing the many resources found on your site and the links listed, this place is the best!

Bill in WA.

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