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V45 Magna

Owner= Alexander Solano Barrantes
My name is Alex and I'm from Costa Rica in Central America.... It's so very nice to see another guys like me who really want to "keep in toch" the very best bikes. "the old ones". In my country is so hard to fond some part of my bike but I try to make everything to find... Sorry about my English, you know I'm talking better in spanish...ja ja


Owner=brad carlin
1984 sabre, Super brace,front Progressive Springs,Braided stainless brake lines, Corbin Seat,Metzeler Medtronic rear 150/70,110/90 laser front,3.40.Dave Dodge's rear,Dyno jet kit,chrome work.7,800 miles when I got it 8,800 now

Daves v45

Owner:dave gallagher
model=v45 sabre
location=surrey, b.c. canada
I picked this up for 2400 canadian about 2 weeks ago, bike is in near mint shape, and runs like a top, has no oil mod yet as the cams are in great condition, new avon am21 tires, and soon a corbin seat and windscreen or fairing if i can find something that fits.
i have been riding sport bikes for years and after riding this i am completely sold on v4s, wouldn t mind finding some v4 riders in the vancouver area for outings, (short ones till i get a corbin seat)

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