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Readers Rides Page:34

2001 Magna!

Owner= Kris Houghtaling
Location=Western Ma.

Little Red

Owner=Mike Cowan
Got picture of Little Red", 82 V45 Sabre that I'd like to see on the readers rides.

Short history-
Bought Little Red last August. Had been looking at bikes for 2 months, couldn't find anything that I wanted to spend money on. My wife brought home a Motor Cycle Trader paper, but there was nothing local (all out west or in Illinois). Visited, and this bike popped up. Turned out that this bike was 2 miles from home. Owner started by telling me that he didn't think that he would sell it, as a local dealer sold the bike that he was dealing on. After hearing his complaint about the lack of used bikes in the Green Bay, Wi. area, I told him that the only used bike in the Kawasaki dealer's inventory was a red Honda Night Hawk.

I left , convinced that the bike would not be sold. Two days later, the PO called me, said that the Sabre was mine. He bought the Night Hawk (nice to know that I did his used bike shopping)

Anyway, Little Red is an 82 V45 Sabre with 29,000 on the clock when I got him. Came with Hondaline fairing and hard bag. Runs like a champ. Doesn't look too bad, either

V45 Magna

Owner:Dwaine Wentzell
This is Chuck (D Wentzell) from the message page. I live in Nova Scotia, and own this 1984 V45 Magna. I've owned it for 1 year now, and am in the process of giving it the TLC it needs. Including new tires, new fork seals, carb rebuild, new secondary tank, new throttle cables,new cam, and new head cover gaskets. I am planning to replace the main tank in the winter. After my last carb job, it works like a charm, and I get twice the gas mileage. It now has 33,000 kms, and I will be keeping it forever. Even years down the road if it dies permanantly, it will go in my rec-room where I can polish it and admire it. I truly love these bikes, and always wanted one. And it is a joy whenever I ride it. At 6000-7000 RPM, it becomes a different bike. And these bikes really turn heads. They are quickly becoming "classics". Someday, I would also like to own a V65. It is hard to find a good one here in NS, because it seems anyone that had one drove the guts out of them, and they are hardly worth buying. But I am always looking.

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