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Owner= Kevin Puddy
Here's a picture of the V65 Magna I ride in the local hillclimbs and dirt drags around lower Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. It was built by Victoria Motorcycle Salvage about 8 years ago and has only broke a driveshaft and a valve in all that time, despite running on pure alcohol. It won the local hillclimb when it was first built with a lighter rider, but it is getting tired, the competition is getting better, and my weight doesn't help matters. The bike is pretty much stock, save for the obvious and the lengthened swing arm/drive shaft, 17" rear wheel and the fuel. It is called "The Rat" because it is a ratty looking bike. It was meant to go, and not look pretty. Besides, who has money for cosmetics? Oh yeah, it's a lot of fun to ride, but a real BEAR to get off of a hill if you don't make it up.

Kevin Puddy
Victoria, B.C. CANADA

V65 Magna

Here's a picture of my 1983 V65 Magna. Bought the bike in Sep. of 1995 with 8,600kms on the odometer. Now there is 30,740kms. I have installed a Mark Douglas Oil Mod kit, Corbin seat, Dunlop D205 tires and a Road Krome windshield. I have spent a few hours polishing aluminum with the polishing kit and clear coat remover from Caswell Plating. Still have lots more to polish this winter. Planning on painting the gas tank this winter too.

Brandon, Manitoba

V65 Sabre

Owner:Darrell Sego
Here is my project bike for the last 3 years. 1985 V65 Sabre with hondaline fairing with rifle air balance windshield, lowers repaired and fiberglass reinforced, polished forks and corbin seat with backrest. Oil kit from holeshot performance and a superbrace. I've looked at all the new bikes and can't find anything I like better than this. It's GREAT with 19k miles. Over the winter I am having the entire exhaust coated at Jet-Hot coatings.

Darrell Sego
Franklin, IN

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