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Better than a Limo?

Owner= Gabriel Knuchel
Hi, My name is Gabriel Knuchel, I live in Argentina, and I'm sending you a photo from my '83 V65 Magna. Oh, I forgot to tell you, this day was when I married with Claudia, on march of the past year.


Owner=Robo Elf
I'm Joe Girdley a.k.a. "RoboElf". Len posted my first V65 Magna "Beetlejuice" on page 16. It has since been crashed. Both it and I are alive and well, after we both got a bunch of "new metal" replacement parts. "Beetlejuice" is now owned by my Uncle & is doing great! While searching for a parts bike for "Beetlejuice", I found my second bike cheap enough that I just bought it complete (that's how my Uncle ended up with "Beetlejuice". As soon as I could walk again, I went to work on it. It's been named "Scorpion". Anyone familiar with Mortal Kombat can see where that name came from. "Scorpion" is an 84 V65 Magna with about 15 thousand on the clock. First thing was a fresh valve set, then I painted it a 3-stage color called "Flame Pearl Metallic". Painting the wheels is a worthwhile project, but a real pain...especially with a 3-stage paint. It's like painting the entire wheel about 14 or 15 times. After painting, the wheels got new tires, then balanced. "Scorpion" boasts a new color keyed Corbin seat & backpad with leather inserts. It also has a manual fan switch & a Starburst Headlight Modulator with a manual over-ride switch on it too. Both switches, of course, had to have yellow stem boots on them too. Then I painted several other pieces of the bike to spread the color around a little. All decals are clear-coated in. Last is the DRP oiler kit & a through flushing/change to Amsoil full synthetic oil. All fluids have been drained/changed with new. I have the original six-pack rack, but haven't installed it because I prefer the tooks of the bike without it. Also I have a Willie&Max backrest bag on the back of the rest & this is more convienent to use & pretty much negates use of the six-pack rack...though I'm keeping it for collectability. It runs like a V65 should & is amazingly smooth. Hope everyone likes it!

So there is a description, Len, & I'd just love to see this one make the "Bike of the Month". I think it's a "keeper"...what do you think? Keep up the great work & this board rules! Hey Len, this is RoboElf again. If/when/wherever you post "Scorpion", please add a line to it for me. When I was doing the write-up I forgot to mention it's also got a Superbrace & would really appreciate you mentioning that in the posting for me 'cause, of course, we all want to post everything we've done to out bikes. Thanks

V65 Sabre

Owner:terry demetro
len this is my beast, the last pic i sent you was a burnout pic back a few months ago this is it today after the hit. i can vouch for the quickness of these 0-60 in 2.0 seconds and back to 0 in 1, the frame is bent so much that it has the carbs in a bind,and the rear cylender is tweaked, you can see a gap in between the head and the block that was'nt there can hear it in the motor something is very wrong. and i dont even have a clue where the cover over the collecter went. so maybe you can post the fallen soldier for me. thanks for all the help your site has offered. brokenheartedly, terry

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