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V65 Sabre

Owner= Don in Bolingbrook
Model=V65 Sabre
It came in boxes, and so it is a work in progress, but it runs as pictured, and I have both learned a lot and given it a lot of respect. It is a very cool ride and very smooth. The previous owner had the D.Dodge undercut done. No oil mod as of yet. Seeps a bit of coolant on the lower cylinder, probably cheap head gasket. May get around to that this winter. Did the POR-15 treatment on the gas tank, was great. I haven't ridden since an old BSA in college hundreds of years ago, so am taking it easy for now. Impressive bike and you do a great job with the web page. Keep on keeping on. Peace.

V65 Magna

Owner= Paul Hewson
Year: 1983
Model: VF1100-C, V-65 Magna
1983 Magna repainted bead blasted and clear coated. I still Have to strip the wheels, forks and refinish them. Mac 4-1, Rifle Nighflight Fairing. She has over 145,000 original miles on it (maybe more, speedo stopped working 3 yrs ago at 135,000) No engine work has been done to this point, she still runs very well although I think the power is waning (Hello DRP)an engine rebuild next winter is in order. Happy Riding! Paul Hewson


Owner:John Woods
I live in North Carolina My Bike is a 1985 V65 Magna It's been bored out to 1115cc's pushing about 15-20 more horses over the stock version, The transmission has been under-cut, Stainless Steel Clutch and Brake Lines, Drill and Tap Oil Modification ,Running on exclusively 20W-50 Synthetic Oil (Honda HP4 SG) Dunlop 205's front and back, Competition Valve Job. The latest of a Dave Dodge total Stage I rebuild from the Oil pan up. It has 54,000 on the clock but actually after the rebuild it has about 300 miles. The color is White Pearl, but I have extra body parts (Side Covers, Rear Cowl, and Tank) and in about an hour I can transform it to the original color of Black Diamond. I dubbed her Road Warrior The extras include Corbin Saddle with matching back rest pad, Engine Guard, Six Pack Rack, Chrome Transmission Cover, Triple Chrome Alternator Cover, Chrome Side Stand, Chrome Air Chamber Covers, Chrome Radiator Cover I used '85 Gold wing fins to accent the slots in the radiator cover and also the stock reflectors I grinded off the stud and used silicone to attach. Show Chrome High Backrest, Chrome Upper Handlebar Clamp, and Chrome Reservoir Covers. This winter I will be changing over signal lights using either the VLX or the Super Magna style the black flexible long rubber mounts don't seem to last long and I can't stand the drooping Thanks in advance for displaying my bike this is an updated bio I'm more pictures in case you lost or misplaced the others.


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