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Readers Rides: Page 3

For Sale:V65 Magna

Owner=Jim Featherston
Model=V65 Magna
Color=Custom paint/airbrush lettering.
Standard Options=Back Rest and 6 Pack Rack
Extra Options=Chrome work includes case covers, radiator sides, breather covers, grab-bar and passenger foot-pegs. JC Whitney case protector.

I am the third owner. The bike was in great shape when I bought it. It was black but it had the usual problems with the paint so I repainted the dark blue. Decided on the airbrush because I did not care for the plain Honda wings on the tank.

Her V45 Magna

Owner=Jodi Featherston
Model= V45/VF700 Magna

Recently purchased from Trevor(the V65 Magna owner on Readers Rides Page 1). Have not done much to it yet other than paint the same color and clean it up a little. Replaced all the turn signals and stems, recovered the backrest pad, and a JC Whitney case protector.
Click Here to see a pic of both His and Hers together. :-)


Owner:Mike Beatty
Location:Phoenix, AZ
Year: 1983
Model: V65 Magna(Sortof)
Color: Black Steel
Options: Options??? Air conditioning?
A guy I work with had an "extra" Magna and wanted to clean out his garage. He gave me almost the whole bike. After I fired up the motor on my garage floor to see if it was any good, I contacted a friend that builds off-road rails and he agreed to build me a frame out of 4130 chromoly. We drew it up on paper and after he finished some other jobs we got started on it. It took about 2 weeks to build the frame. After I got it home, I had to rush to get it ready for the Thanksgiving weekend at the dunes(big weekend). I fabricated or machined all of the speciality parts at home in my machine shop. I didn't turn off the garage lights until 11:30 the night before I left for the Buttercup Sand Dunes at Yuma, AZ. It worked flawlessly the first time out. I have since replaced the clutch disks with carbon-fiber from Dave Dodge.

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