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Pretty V45

Owner= Kari Vatjalainen
Model=VF750 Sport (V45 Sabre in USA)
Color=Candy Red
Just bought the BIKE and I'm going to rebild it as original as possible. I'll send more info and photos when I'm done.


Owner=Steve Brown
Location: Prince George, B.C., Canada
Year: 1983
Model: VF1100-C, V-65 Magna
Bike Name: "Flashpoint" (for now)
Options: Six-pack rack, Back rest, Engine guard, "Plexi-Fairing" windsheild Original Colour: PB-123P-A (Pearl Siren Blue)
I bought this bike last month (Sept 2000). It was parked in running condition with 23,000kms on it,by the 3rd owner back in 1994, and has sat outside under a cover ever since. I bought it for $500 Canadian. It's a project bike, and needs work. The rear brake caliper is seized, both tanks badly need "Kreem"ing, carbs need cleaning, fuel lines, throttle cable, front tire & brake lines need replacing, all fluids need changing, seat is ripped, one exhaust pipe is loose, and chrome and aluminum need polishing, etc... etc.... I'm seriously contemplating returning the bike back to it's factory colour (the custom flames were painted in 1985).

V45 Sabre

Owner:Del Sharp
Here are a few pics of my bike.
Its my first bike. I bought it last spring for $850. I put on some new Dunlops, brakes and paint. It runs great and has been a blast to race over Vail pass on. It had just under 20k miles on it then, now it has almost 25k miles and needs another rear tire. Thanks for the great site, Len and all of the people who are so quick to help, too!

Del Sharp
Vail, Colorado

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