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Readers Rides: Page 2

V65 Sabre FOR SALE!!

Owner: Tom O'Donnell
From: Florida
Year: 1984
Model: V65 Sabre
Color: Black / Red / Silver
Mileage: 23,000
Extras: Matching Hondaline Fairing, and CaseGuard

I bought this bike in the summer of '99 from a 78 year old gentleman for a very reasonable price. He was the original owner, and bought it out of the crate in 1986 as a left-over. He included all of the scheduled service records as well as a service manual. He went down on the bike one time, but had minimal damage. I felt good knowing that I bought the bike from a guy that took really good care of it. How much hot-rodding can a guy in his "golden years" do? I have been riding it year round all over Florida, and plan to take a few major road trips in the near future.

Eric Nelson's V65 Magna

Owner=Eric Nelson
From=Harlan, Iowa U.S.
Model=V65 Magna
Mileage=Approx. 10,800 miles
Tires=Bridgestone Spitfires
Other Bikes=2 ZL 1000s, A ZL 900, A Vmax, and A 1200 Madura
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Gary Blakey's V65 Magna

Owner:Gary Blakey
Hometown: Elizabethtown, Kentucky
Year: 1984
Model: V65 Magna
Color: Silver/Black
Mileage: 24,000

This bike was purchased in Tennessee by my nephew, who works as an Electrical Engineer for Toyota. He spent most of last winter restoring the bike from front to back. It has had new seals and shocks all around. A new clutch and a more traditional handle bar setup have been added. A Holeshot exhaust system has also been added and the carburetors have been rejetted and filtered to match. Yes, it has had an oil modification done to the engine. It now uses Mobil 15-50 synthetic oil. It has a Corbin seat as well as new radial tires on both front and back. I choose to use Splitfire plugs, with the hopes of getting maximum power out of a stock engine. My nephew was thinking of trading this bike to a new Suzuki 1200 last summer, so I made an offer and bought it for myself! The color was changed from a maroon to silver, with the idea of brightening up the bike. You may have noticed the bike has been slightly lowered from its factory setting in an attempt to lower the center of gravity a little, thus making it a bit more rider-friendly around town. It is a great ride with awesome power from idle to red line!!!