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V4Power Readers Rides Page:13


Owner=Dane Morris
Model=V65 Sabre
Color=Black, Grey, and Blue stripe
When bought~33,000
Standard Options=factory hondaline fairing with lowers, T'Bag
Extra Options=superbrace, no oil mod, sliding back rest, very fast, very comfortable


I bought the magna when I was 17 years old to ride around town. It was a pretty (really) fun bike but I got used to the power to soon. When I had a passenger on the bike there was a big noticeable difference and a lack of power when you wanted it or needed it, and that sucks. Now (finally), 8 years after I got me a V65 sabre. At first I wanted the magna but I tried a few but they were all crap (outside and inside). I also didn't like the riding position anymore, because the front end is so big and I'm not a big guy it felt to big and as if I couldn't see the road. So then I tried a sabre and loved the riding position on it, and as for's crazy. Never have to shift down on the highway or in the mountains even with 2 peoples. The bike (EVE), got brand new cams, rockers and an oil mod. Cost a bit of money but it's all worth it.
Advice: When riding with 2 on the bike make sure that the suspension on the rear is at the hardest...I just pulled a big bad ugly wheely at the light the other day...I didn't have it set there!!!! and lots of throttle didn't help either!!

For Sale $2900

Owner: Rob Taylor
I'm in Michigan about an hour outside of Detroit. The bike is an excellent condition! 9,000 miles, new :Brakes,Tires, battery and custom paint job. Carbs were synced,cleaned, and adjusted 300 miles ago. Valves were adjusted at the same time as well as new fork seals and oil. This baby rocks!!!! I wouldn't sell it except for the new addition to my family...My little girl Kylie!

Rob Taylor
Brighton, MI