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V4Power Readers Rides Page: 12

Mark's Interceptor

Owner=Mark Cataldo
From=Post Falls, ID
Model=V45 Interceptor
Extra Options=DRP Oil Mod, Basanni 4-1 pipe
Tires=Michelin Macadam 90 Radials (120/80-16 front, 150/70-18 rear)
I've had this bike for two years, have worked on it a lot, and love it. It's history is unknown and the paint and decals are not original (but not too far off). It's basically stock, except for the oil mod, exhaust and tires. It's scarcity turns heads and it's personality is so unlike a Sabre or Magna that you just have to try one and see. (I have a Magna and Sabre too.) This one may never be a show piece, but it's representative of these historically significant models and still great fun!
UpdateI recently added a seat rack, and a very rare original equipment set of case savers. :-)

Bob's Baby

Owner=Bob Smith
From=Quincy Wa.
MY 1985 v-65 magna has extra chrome on the rad., turn signals, head light,tail light and handle bars, plus some air- brush work done on the gas tank and fenders! I LOVE MY BABY!!!

Kens V65

Owner:Ken Venier
I have a 83 V65 magna (8341 miles) and is very pretty I have dubbed it "VelociRapture" ( speedicus-maximus-ecstasys)