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Readers Rides: Page 10

David's Magna

Owner=David Huggins
My Name is DM Huggins and I live in Kernersville NC, I bought the bike in 1998,it is a 1983 V65 Magna, it had 26,000 miles on it and now it has 43,000 miles on it. I ride just about every pretty weekend. I ride up to Virginia and get on the blue ridge parkway as often as possible. I have used the bulletin board to resolve various problems with my bike and appreciate all the advice. My neighbor just bought a new Honda AERO and we do alot of road trips.I have had no major problems with this bike and really enjoy the thrill of going as fast as I want when I want.If interested in riding in this area contact me at My other toy is a 1972 2002 BMW. They look good together and both are a joy to drive/ride.

Rno's Sabre

OWNER: Arnaud Gouttin (Rno)
YEAR: 1984
MODEL: V65 Sabre

Bat Bike :-)

Owner: Eldon Keller Owner/Operator
1983 V45 Purchased in 1992. Frame and Engine stamped with the name "Money Gulfport MS" I assume that is the prior owner. Bike has been of very few problems since purchase and all of those were relatively minor or of the service life limited variety. My Beautiful wife Nancy (not pictured) named my ride the "Bat Bike" . Since I have a superhero complex , the persona fits nicely. Not as fast as the Ninja's and Katana's I ride with, but very respectable and fast enough to keep the ol' brain juices flowing. I have modified the lexan that is shown to allow better airflow for the vented helmet I wear, otherwise it is all stock.