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V4Power Readers Rides

Welcome to the first page of the V4Power Readers Rides.
Thank You for visiting and please enjoy, Len

The Money Pit

Owner=Len Platt, Sr.
From=Southeast, Ct.
Model=V65 Magna
When bought=22,378
Standard Options=Engine Guard, Sissy Bar, 6 Pack Rack, and Hondaline Lowers(Chin Scoop).
Extra Options=Hondaline T-Bag, and Saddle Bags
Tires=Cheapo's for now.
Well, this bike is gone. After at least 3000$, it is pissed me off for the last time. I parted it out.

Jodi's V65 Magna

Owner=Jodi Featherson
(This is the old message that has been here since Trevor owned the bike. Jodi bought it from him.) This was my bike, a V65 Honda Magna, í84 vintage. I found it as a non-runner, which had been sitting for the last six years. The carburetors were all gummed up, and all the brakes were seized. The bike had flat tires, etc., etc. You know the story. I had had a V45 that was a really good bike -- smooth, powerful; and when I found out you could get an 1100 version, I just had to have one. But of course, it wasnít as easy as that as there arenít that many V65s available. After a long search, I found this one. I took a chance buying a non-runner, but it has been worth it. Since it only had 10,000 miles, I felt it was worth the risk. I went through the bike from end to end and installed an oil mod kit, low temperature fan stat, and a new fork brace. The bike rides like the wind. I do long distance rides most weekends. Itís taken me to the Smokey Mountains a couple of times, up in to Pennsylvania and over to West Virginia. Itís basically a crotch-rocket engine in a cruiser frame, something that you canít buy today Ė new.

Bob's V45 Sabre

Owner: Bob Hampton
Location: San Diego, CA
Year: 1985
Model: V45 Sabre....(it's a Canadian model; 750cc)
Color: Black/Silver with Red Stripe
Mileage: 18,800 KM
Mileage when bought: 13,500 KM
Options: Hondaline fairing and saddle bags
Web site:Bob's Sabre Webpage