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EBay Online Auctions
Then do a search for:
3-Honda Magna
4-Honda Sabre
5-Honda Interceptor
6-Guinness Book(if interested)

1-Corbin Seats for Honda Best place around for Seats.

2-Rifle FairingGREAT Prices is you ask me.

3-Discount Honda Parts They usually have parts for the Magna, but not always.

4-Tires Unlimited The cheapest place I've found for tires yet. Many people reccomend them.

5-Dave Dodge's Websight Still under construction.

6-JC Whitney When in doubt, try them. Although limited on V4 Honda goodies though.

7-V4Honda Nice person in Canada, sells oil mods, and Braided brake lines.

8-Motorcycle Superstore The most complete online store that I have found for safety apparel.

Well, if you know of any other links you would like to have put up hereEMail Me

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