I GOT IT!!!!!

After a bit of searching I finally found what I was looking for.(Sort Of) I found a 1985 Guinness Book of World Records with the V65 Magna in it. I was looking for the one with a picture,but this is good enough for now. If anyone knows of one with a picture, tell me PLEASE!! :-)

Well here it is:

Top left of Page 212, of the 1985 Guinness Book Of World Records

Here is a run down year for year what was the fastest Motorcycle in the Guinness Book.(I Collect Guinness Books also)
1980=Dunstall Suzuki GS1100CS
1981=Dunstall Suzuki GS1100CS
1982=Dunstall Suzuki GS1100CS
1983=Dunstall Suzuki GS1100CS
1984=Dunstall Suzuki GS1100CS
1985=Honda V65 Magna
1986=Honda V65 Magna
1987=Honda V65 Magna
1988=Honda V65 Magna
1989=Honda V65 Magna
1990=Kawasaki ZX10

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