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About Me

Ahh, check out my Suburban! I registered it the day BEFORE thanksgiving 2001, the day after I totally trashed it in the Salmon River in CT. Me and 5 other people were all laughing pretty hard until I snapped the rear drive shaft, smashed the transfer case on a rock, and blew the rings on cylinder #1. It took 2 other trucks to pull me out, a jacked up Chevy C10, and a Ford Ranger hooked like train. What you don't see in picture is waist deep water on the drivers side, and a HUGE boulder under the middle of the truck holding it all up pretty. Both drivers side tires are off the ground completely.

My Name is Len. I live in Yantic, Ct. My apartment is kinda interesting. I grew up in this apartment when I was a teenager. Then I moved out, then my parents bought a house, then I had a couple other apartments, I then found this one was up for rent, and Viola, I rented it.. I love it here, it is half a duplex on a dead end road, with pretty good neighbors(they don't call the police about my music!)

Well, now I call it keeping the peace. I'm still married, but only live together out of convenience. I sleep on couch, she has her bedroom. The kids haven't put 2+2 together to realize it, so they are also better off..

My kids.. There are 4 of them altogether. They are great kids, usually... They are typical kids. I'm hoping to get my oldest on a bike/4wheeler this year.. She is 8, and will love it I'm sure.

Well, my high school (graduated in '93) years went pretty good, I graduated top of my class. Didn't have many friends, but oh well, more important things in life... I got suspended a few times, but don't bother to ask what for unless you are a really good friend.. Kinda ashamed/embarassed about what I did..

Well, what else to say.. My outlook on life.. I am not a positive person, nor a negative person. I am a realistic person.. If there is a half a cup of water, I don't see it as half full, or half empty.. I see a half a cup.. Honesty is the biggest part of my life. I believe that honesty is the key to survival in this crappy world nowadays.. I will always be honest with other people, and I expect the same from them. No if, ands, or buts!!! Also, I live by that neat phrase, "Do unto others, what they've done to you!" If people help me out all the time, I will gladly do the same. If other people will say "NO!" to me, than expect the same. I'm really firm about that. No one gets away with taking advantage of me in that aspect..

I now run a small business selling UsedV4Parts. Thanks to the support of the fellow riders, I've been doing fairly well in it. I hit over 200+s on EBay, which took a while. I'm hoping to get things in order, and hit 500+s this year. We'll see what happens. EMail me at

Now, for family, I have the basics, A mother+boyfriend, A step-Father, 1 grandfather+wife, 1grandmother+husband, a couple uncles, 1 aunt, and countless nephews, and cousins.. I'm not going to go too far into them. They would take an entire page themselves..

My primary means of transportation are:1-2000 Dodge Caravan(Patty Wagon)! 2-1983 VF750S Honda Sabre, Japanese version. See it here3-1989 GMC Suburban, and I jog.. I prefer the bikes, but will use the cage when neccesary....

I am an active member of the Army Reserves. I am an 88M, that is a truck driver. I am a member of a line haul unit out of Springfield, Mass. I really enjoy it, I get to meet new people, and have a good time...

Well, that's it for now.. Time for me to head off to do other things..


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