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I want to extend a word of thanks to DeepWater's Mummies Alive Page and Kalia's Mummies Alive Library for the use of these wonderful pictures. They are not mine, and if you ish to use them, you will have to contact the owners. You can get to their sites by visiting the Links page. Thanx again, I couldn't have done it without them.

Well, if you can hear the wav, then you really need no explanation of what the show is about. By the way, before y'all msg me telling me the wav is choppy, that is because the file is big. Give it some time to load. Chances are, byt the second time it plays, it'll be 100% loaded up. Actually, I want to focus more on the characters on this page.

Okay, well, there are good guys and bad guys. And if you couldn't figure that out, you're in bad shape. Anyhoo, shall we start with some villains?

I don't know all the villains, for I haven't seen every episode. What I do know if from what I've seen and the endless web searching I've performed. So, if I'm not thourough, please, cut me a break.


Well, I guess the big cheese of villains in Mummies Alive! is Scarab. Scarab was the vizier of Amenhotep, the king of Egypt. Scarab wanted to become pharaoh, but to do so, he had to kill Rapses, the pharaoh's only son and heir. Unfortunately, he succeded in killing Rapses and his four guardians. But, he was buried alive as a punishment. He was released and became a very wealthy man. His quest now is immortality. But, he needs the spirit of Prince Rapses to do that. This is pretty much the basis for the whole show.Picure Available.

Another villain is a sorceress named Chontra. At one time she was in love with Rath, her teacher. He admits that she was the best student he had ever had. Chontra is one of those typical women that just can't leave well enough alone. She is determined to take revenge on Rath for leaving her to teach the prince. However, Chontra isn't exactly what she appears to be. See Eye of the Beholder for more details.Picute Available.

For Mummies Alive newbies, you may notice Scarab's little snake talks. That's Hekka. Last I checked, the name meant magic. She Scarab's only friend and constant companion. She has a very raw sense of humor. Hekka can be quite the evil one when she wants to be. However, I found that most of the time she just makes insulting jokes and critiques Scarab's attempts and failures.Pic Available.

Shabti are Scarab's henchmen. They follow his every command, except for in the episode Who's Who where they would only listen to Ammut in Scarab's body. The Shabti are clay figures that do the bidding of their master, as they were meant to do in the REAL ancient Egypt. They can't speak, or for that matter, think. Why Scarab keeps them around is really a mystery, but I guess it beats doing the job all by yourself. After all, he and Hekka can only do so much alone.Picture Available.

If you've seen them all, your probably wondering where Arakh went. Here he is. Arak was the younger brother of Ja-Kal and none too friendly. Arakh has a son named Kimas, whom he seems to use as a weapon against his brother. One thing about this villain is his untimely immaturity. It seems he doesn't know how to let childhood squabbles go and grow up. But, then, he'd be no fun to us then, would he? Picture available.

Well, there's Talos. Talos is one of those villains that don't really have much mind. He's neither good nor evil, just a pain in the tut. Talos is the man of bronze, and perhaps more Greek or Roman than Egyptian. He can grow in size, especially when he can absorb metal. Armon is the first to battle Talos, then the mummies together, after Rath tries to control him and Presley steals him to clean his room. Then, the mummies have to save Presley from him when Talos thinks Scarab can use him to bring his beloved {a statue"} to life. The last episode Talos is features in, he is more a friend than a foe, being given a robot, curtousy of Presley and Rath to take home as his lady fair. Picture Available.

Kimas is another one of those " I dunno what I'm doing" villains. One minute he's good, another he's bad. Kimas is Arakh's son, Jakal's nephew, and one strange kid. He, at first, wanted to follow in his father's evil footsteps, but he didn't care too much for Scarab. Then, he switched sides by his last appearance. Armon and Nefertina bonded immediately to the boy after he saved their tuts from Scarab's attack. Rath never showed any trust whatsoever, where Jakal was kinda on the fence the whole time. In the end, Kimas sacrifices himself to save his uncle.Picture Available.

Can I think of anymore villains? Not yet. I'll have to watch the show a bit more and web surf to fill in any missing information.


Anubis is perhaps one of the more memorable gods in the show. Evil? Maybe he is, or maybe he's just blindly following Set wherever he goes. His humor is more so his stupidity and lack of comprehension. Anubis was the nephew of Set, though, in mythology, Anubis was not at all evil, though he was feared, but also respected. Anubis, through the ages has been shown with a good sense of humor and not too muchn ashamed of becoming the comic relief. This is the personality prevalent, for the most part in the show. For more information on the real Anubis, check out my Anubis ShrinePicture Available.

Well, wherever Anubis is, Set isn't too far behind. Set is obviously a more powerful deity than Anubis, or at least in the show, but still lacks the brains, though he does have more smarts than Anubis. Set has quite a history in true mythology of both great and horendous views. For the most part, Set just doesn't have a very good diposition. By the way, though the show portrays him as a dog, Set was actually nthing of the sort. He was portrayed with the head of a pig, crocodile {though not common}, hippo, and a creature called a Triphoid Animal. This creature has never really been identified, but it kinda resembles a mule, anteater...and if you look closely, a giraffe. For more information on the real Set, why not visit my Set Page.Picture Available.

Ammut is not at all as he is in mythology. In the show, Ammut is Scarab's "dog." He has little intelligence other than what dogs do. However, he is a good star for comic relief. In mythology, Ammut is not a god at all, nor male. He is actually a she, and a goddess. She really didn't DO anything. She just sat with Anubis at the scales {Which Anubis weighed the heart against the feather of Maat, or Truth.} and waited eagerly for her next meal. To the righteous, she was gentle and indifferent. Her favorite meal was the hearts and souls of the damned. ammut's appearance is what makes her/him the most frightening. Her/his head is that of a crocodile with a mane and forepaws of a lion. Her/his hindquarters are of a hippo. all these creatures were thught to take part in justice and damnation. As awkward as Ammut may appear, she/he is quite suited for the job he/she would naturally have to perform.Picture Available.

Bastet is quite an interesting goddess. Unlike the foul-tempered Cat-Goddess in the show, Bastet, otherwise known as Bast, or Ubastis, was mild in her temperment and was interested in the contentment of human-kind. But, she could be foul-tempered, but what female isn't? For more information on the real Bastet, you can see my Bastet Page.Picture Available.

Nuhn was the god of water. To me, he seems like the type that just can't grow up. His jokes are wild, sassy and childish. I really don't find him to be the evil type. I see him more as the deity to use his abilities in an annoying manner. The only problem is, he does it at Scarab's request. This is perhaps where a lot of the problem lies.Picture Available.

I don't know if we could call Apep a god. Mostly, he was just an evil spirit. In the show, Apep seeks revenge on the young prince, but has his "emotional" priorities set on Nefer-Tina.In other is this guy ever obsessed. He falls in love with Nefer-Tina and is willing to do whatever it takes to win her over. He most often is in the form of Pep, a biker. As for mythology? Amun-Ra, or simple Ra for the lamen, would battle Apep nightly and rise the next morning to show that he had defeated the evil serpent again. Ironically, Set bore no grudge against Ra himself and actually guarded the bow of the barge on this nightly quest. I guess someone decided he needed some credit. We can't be ALL bad.Picture Available.

Sekhmet was quite a vengeful goddess. She possessed the head of a lioness and was none too friendly in either the show or in reality. As for Sekhmet in the show, she wasn't anything much like the typical goddess, other than her vengeance. She was in a human form for part of the episode Curse of Sekhmet and became a vulture for the rest of it. However, the vulture goddess was a royal goddess by the name of Nekhebet, which could really confuse those wanting to actually learn something from the show. However, for the regular Sekhmet, she was not an evil goddess. She just had a really bad temper and a love for blood and war. But, to those who follow her, she is also recognized as a wonderful deity. She, at one time, almost destroyed the world with her blood-thirstiness. Sometimes Sekhmet and Bastet are considered linked. However, Bastet is portrayed in a green dress while Sekhmet is in a red one. Also, some believe that Sekhmet is another form, like a split personality of the goddess Hathor. But, for the most part, Sekhmet and her husband, Ptah were very much praised for their ability to bring healing, knowledge and swift justice. For more information on the real Sekhmet, visit Sekhmet's Den.No Picture Available.

Bes is quite the annoyance. In the show, he is a little green imp with a love for causing trouble. He's even a nuessance to Scarab. He has a very good sense of humor and feels best when others suffer his pranks. Bes, in mythology was an ugly, naked dwarf. He loved games and was a lucky god. He and his partner, Taweret were best known for their part in childbirth. Bes's job is more likely to run around the birthing mother with a tambourine, scaring away evil spirits. Naturally a minor god, but, since child mortality was very high in ancient Egypt, he and Taweret were very important to the family.No Picture Available.

Net was the goddess of the sky. Her moods changed like the weather. She is a strong woman with the need for reassurance in her marraige. Really, I think every woman needs to hear "I love you" from her lover. To be honest, in mythology, Net was most often called Nut, pronounced Noot. Her personality is not very dominant in later mythologies of her. Basically, she just kinda hangs there.No Picture Available.

You'd be surprised how different Geb is in the show from mythology. In the show, Geb is a rock creature with a half-witted mind-span and a rocky temper. He is obviously quite impatient. He loved his wife, Net, though he doens't always show it. It looks more like one of those love-hate relationships to me. In mythology, he is endlessly devoted to Nut, but is never allowed to come in contact with her. They are separated by their father, Ra's first son, Shu. Only in this way is there enough space between heaven and earth for things to live. Also in mythology, Geb and Nut were said to parent four children: Osiris, Isis, Nephthys, and Set.No picture Available.

Ra never shows up in the show. Or am I wrong? Believe it or not, Ra is shown in one of his forms in one episode, Good Bye Mr. Cheops. For the Egyptian mythology freak, you can see Ra in the form of Ra-Khepri, a man with a scarab beatle for a head. Although in that show, it's a scarab beatle driving a body. But, that counts. But, since he's always given reference, it's only fair I give him credit. Ra had many other forms, such as Ra-Horakhti, Amun-Ra, and Ra-Khepri Unlike the other deities shown here, Ra's never been an enemy to the mummies or prince. We, as television viewers will have only limited knowledge, if we depend on the show, of what Ra's personality would be like. But, he was obviously very powerful and well-respected by the mummies. Ra was the king of all the gods and the lord of everything living or dead. However, his grandson, Osiris actually ruled the dead.No Picture Available.

The Good Guys


Well, where to begin...where to begin. I suppose ew could start with the leader. The mummies seem to have their own " pecking order" with Ja-Kal at the top. How he got there, we don't know, but he seems to do a good job. Ja-Kal was a hunter when he was alive in Ancient Egypt. Then, he was called by the pharaoh. So, Ja-Kal was forced to leave his wife, Tia and his infant son, Padget. He's regreted it ever since. He began hunting with the pharaoh and was made captain of the Royal Hunt. He was then devoted to teaching Prince Rapses the skill of the hunt, and acted as a father figure when the pharaoh was not around. Hey, being pharaoh is hard work! But, now Ja-Kal, as a mummy is devoted as ever to Prince Rapses, via Presley. He treats him as a son, and seems to appoint himself a father figure to him, over the other mummies. He is the only one who can fly, without a vehicle. Ja-Kal's sign is the falcon. His most popular weapon, other than his claws, is a bow that shoots flaming arrows. His sense of humor is...well, it's almost non-existant, I think. I said almost. He is mostly very serious and devoted to his duty.Picture Available


Rath is my personal favourite. You'll see him scattered all over my site. If you're a Rath fan, why not visit my dedication page, Rath's Corner. When he was alive, he was Pharaoh Amenhotep's personal scribe. He met him in Memphis, where he found time to teach a young lady named Chontra. Over time, they fell in love, although the relationship never truly left the student-teacher mode. A romantic relationship never did occur. However, she wasn't too happy when he left. Rath was given the job of teaching Prince Rapses his arts. The best rulers of Egypt were thought to need a very good education. Rath wasn't too thrilled about teaching a child, but he accepted. Rath has this strange personality. He loves to learn, but doesn't like to let others know when he doesn't know something. He loves to invent things and work with his hands, as well as his mind. He is, deep down, very kind-hearted and understanding, but he prefers to hide his "vulnerability" from the other mummies. He always acts as if they were all a big problem to him, when truly, he couldn't stand to be without them. Rath, as a mummy, still has a close relationship with Presley. He is the most intelligent of the group, or so he likes to think. Though, sometimes they just can't see eye to eye. Rath was raised to belileve one thing about how the world workd, where Presley has technology. A perfect example is in The Gift of Geb where Presley is trying to explain earthquakes and continental plates. Rath has the ability to use magick, though he isn't always successful. Most often, Rath is the comic relief, via falling off of trucks, slamming into walls, and being pushed off of bridges. He's such a good sport. Rath wears the armor of the cobra. His common weapon is, actually his agility and tail. He doesn't like to fight. Though he also has a sword which can come alive if it is taken by someone other than Rath or the other mummies. His favoured vehicle is the Skycophogus. Rath built all the vehicles the mummies use on their "adventures." Other of his wonderful inventions include: the vaccuLuxor, water skiis, a table-top pyramid, and Pharaoh-chutes. For more information on scribes, why not visit my Scribe's Pride page.Picture Available.


Armon is the big one. You gotta have the dopey one, right? Armon has an endless appatite which only really ceases in Who's Who when he's in Rath's body. Though it never really ceases completely. Armon, when alive, was a peasant and joined Pharaoh's army. In battle, he lost his arm. As a gift, Pharaoh gave him a golden arm. He was then instructed to teach Prince Rapses the art of battle. Armon is probably the most kind out of all of the mummies. He's just too doopy to truly hate anyone. Dislike, sure, but hate, I dunno. But, he has enough sense to hate Scarab, and that's enough, I guess. As a mummy, Armon is without his arm unless he bulks up. He still has an endless appatite. He has a very good friendship with Presley, although sometimes he can be a little annoying. It seems most of his energy in annoyance is tossed towards Rath. Rath doesn't act as though he likes him at all, although, they have a very good love-hate relationship, so to speak. Rath loves to hate him. Armon is the strongest of the mummies. When in armor, he is as the ram. He regains his golden arm and kinda acts as hard-headed as the real thing. Ever see a ram chasing a ewe? They can be pretty doopey and hard-headed. His greatest weapon is his arm and strength.Picture Available.


Nefer-Tina is the youngest of the group. She is the most childish and very wild. Oringanally, she went under the name Nefer, posing to be a boy so she could drive chariots. When she was alive, it was unlawful for a woman to be a charioteer. However, in her disguise, she proved to be the best. She as a he became a guardian to Prince Rapses and was to teach him the art of recreation. Rapses was the only one able to guess Nefer was actually Nefer-Tina and kept her secret to the grave...or tomb. As a mummy, Nefer-Tina acts a lot like a teenager and Presley often sees her as a playmate of sorts. She also has a desire to love, which sometimes makes her very naive. In batlle, she wears the armor of the cat. {Her patron was Bastet.} Her greatest weapon is her whip. She is also a whiz with the Jet-cycle and the Hot-Ra. She is definately a girl with a need for speed.Picture Available.


We can't forget Khati! Khati was Prince Rapses' pet cat when she was alive in Ancient Egypt. She acts pretty much like any cat. She sleeps, eats, licks herself, and rubs up against legs, tried to get in Rath's way...when he's not trying to suck her up in a vacuum cleaner, that is. See Married To Geb for more info. And didn't you ever notice that she was the only mummy never seen in her living form? Being dead hasn't changed her personality any. As a mummified cat, she seems to get into more trouble then she would like. In Ra Ra Ra Ra Ja-Kal tosses her out of a hole and Armon hangs on her wrappings. In Water, Water Everywhere she was stuffed in a bottle. These are only some of the things that happen. Khati is also very loyal, and no matter how much she's pushed and shoved and tortured, she's still the sacred kitty and still loves everybody. This annoying side of her can prove to be quite helpful, as proven in Eye of the Beholder. Khati can also bulk up into a bigger cat. Well, she does what big cats do. Were you expecting something more glamourous?Picture Available.

Presley Carnavon

Well, the center of all the commotion is Preseley. He has the soul of Prince Rapses inside him. He is often called My Prince or Young Prince, which has a tendancy to annoy him. The mummies will sometimes call him Presley and sometimes call him Rapses, depending on the situation. Presley finds the mummies to by really annoying sometimes, but loves having them around anyway. He has a major crush on an older girl named Cynthia Lou, who has no interest whatsoever in him. Heck, she can't even remember his name half the time. It is kind of hard trying to act like a normal kid and a prince all at the same time. Scarab is always after him and the mummies always nag at him and hiding Khati from his mother, Amanda can get pretty tiring. But, he has kinda gotten used to the whole deal, and gets a little jealous when the mummies are totally focused elsewhere. See Prince and the Presley and perhaps Family Fued II: New Mummy in Town for more infoPicture Available.

The Royal Family

Amenhotep I was pharaoh of all Egypt at the time of this incident. He had a lovely queen, which her name is never mentioned. Amenhotep was away, and left Prince Rapses, his oldest and only son in the care of his four guardians. To his dismay, he returned to hear of his son's death and the death of his guardians. He was quick to punish Scarab for such a thing. Not too much is said about Amenhotep, however.Picture available.

The queen's name is never mentioned. However, I'm sure there are curious people out there. Anyway, not too much is said about her. However, for you curios people, the queen could be one of two women. Amenhotep was said to have two queens throughout his riegn. One was Aahotep II, his first queen. Together, Amenhotep and Aahotep II parented a daughter, Ahmes. Or, this mystery queen could be Senseneb, Amenhotep's second queen, and mother of Tutmosis I. Tutmosis marries Ahmes to legitimize his place as pharaoh, but this has nothing to do with Mummies Alive. So, it is still unclear which queen this queen could be. But most agree that she could be either one of them. You make the call.Picture Available.

Let's not forget the most important person in the family! Prince Rapses was the first born son...well, actually, the only son born to Amenhotep. He is what the mummies fought so hard to protect. And Rapses had a similar relationship with the his guardians as Presly does. He enjoys adventure and recreation, making Nefertina a favorite playmate. Armon was fun for him to be around, but wasn't exactly everything he needed. Rat was a very good and trusted friend as well as teacher, but Rapses was often bored with his lectures. And Jakal was the father-figure in Amenhotep's absence. Rapses appears first in Sleepwalk Like an Egyptian and again in Prince and the Presly where Rapses comes to the modern world. I often wonder why the past didn't change after Prince Rapses learned of the deception in the modern world. Don't you ever wonder that? You'd think his death could have been prevented from that bit of knowledge. But, what good would the show be to us then?Picture Available.

For more fun Mummies Alive things....I have a MA Banner for this page and I have several drawings I've done of the MA characters and other drawings on my ArtworkPage.


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