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OO/Visual *

Object Management Group
MFC Visual C++ FAQ version 4.0
Windows Programming OLE VBX OCX
ODMG Voting Member Companies
OOPSLA Conference '96
RD45 Object Manager (CERN)
OO Design Web Reference Home Page


The Free Compilers List -- Title Page
UW Cecil Project Home Page


April Working Paper - C++ Standards
C++ Draft Standard
The C++ Virtual Library
C++ Archive (Quadralay)
Programming in C
C Programming
Infrequently Asked Questions in comp.lang.c
International Obfuscated C Code Contest


GNU Hurd information
GNU Info
GNU's Not Unix!
GNUstep Homepage


PowerBuilder Homepage
PowerBuilder Interactive
PowerBuilder Dojo

other languages

AFS Beginner's Guide
HPCC National Software Exchange (NSE)
PVM Documents


BABEL: Computer Related Abbreviations and Acronyms
Computer Journals
RFC Indexes
Unified CS Tech Report Index
On-line CS Techreports
CERN STING information service

VI Reference Manual


CGI -- Perl

Rex Swain's HTMLified Perl 5 Reference Guide
Exploring Perl
Perl manual
Perl for Win32
B20.3322 Advanced Software Class
Perl FAQ Index
CPAN Perl Archive
Earl Hood's (UCI/OAC) Home Page
Perl WWW Documentation
Perl5 Info - pl5.000

Sample Perl CGI Scripts/Library - a Perl5 CGI Library
Perl CGI collection

UF/NA Perl Archive
Why not to use

CGI -- misc

* Common Gateway Interface (Intro)
* Selena Sol's Public Domain CGI Script Archive and Resource Library
Good list of stuff, database integration & forms
A CGI Programmer's Reference
CGI Applications
cgic: an ANSI C library for CGI Programming

Counter/ Statistics

HTML Access Counter 4.0
Counter Script (09/19/95)

Email.acgi version 3.0.6
Experimental AutoShare Access Page
Frontier CGI Scripting
Listserv.cgi Instructions
Maxum Development (NetCloak etc)
Scout Report
New web and gopher sites.
Shareware CGI's


Style/Design Guides

** Net Tips for Writers and Designers
By person with typesetting experience, more appropriate for commercial sites than personal usage.
Good with newer browsers and high bandwidth only.
** Style Guide for Online Hypertext
A bit old, but still good to read through.
*** Bandwidth Conservation Society
smaller/faster images (GIF/JPEG)
WWW Design Resources
Web Page Design
Web Tips

HTML Converters/Editing Tools

Doctor HTML v3
Filters Going From Man Pages, Mail, RFC's, Etc. to HTML
HTML Transit Automated Web Publishing
Kenn Nesbitt's WebEdit
the ticket, then WebEdit deserves close examination.
News Corp./MCI Front Page
Word Processor Filters

Writing HTML

Basic How-to

World Wide Web Virtual Library: Formal Methods
* A Beginner's Guide to HTML
* A Compendium of HTML Elements
* Composing Good HTML (Version 2.0.2)
* HTML Specification 3.0
* InfoBON's HTML Guide By Dr Clue [] Table Of Contents
* Werbach (Bare Bones Guide to HTML)
** Crash course on writing documents for the Web
** Cut & Paste HTML
** How do they do that with HTML?
Here comes Netscapism.. Some good, some new, and some are just plain annoying..
** Introduction to HTML-- Table of Content
*** Creating Net Sites
List of new/good stuff from Netscape.
*** HTML Quick Reference (11/10/95)
*** HTML Reference Manual
A great deal of stuff at the beginning about HTML standardization, some HTML reference material near the end.
Guides to HTML
HTML Development Guide
HTML Terrorist's Handbook
WebWeavers's Handbook
WWW/HTML Authoring pages v1.0.2

Clickable maps

Clickable image support in W3C httpd
Graphical Information Map Tutorial
How to Create Clickable Maps - UT
Imagemap Authoring Guide and Tutorial Sites
Imagemap Help Page -- Instruction

Colors & Text

ColorServe Pro
JavaScript - ColorCenter
RGB Hex Triplet Color Chart

Forms & Mail

How to do forms
Carlos' FORMS Tutorial 1
Doug's WWW Mail Gateway Info
Instantaneous Introduction to CGI Scripts and HTML Forms 10/95
Mosaic for X version 2.0 Fill-Out Form Support


Jay's guide to Frames
THE Netscape Frames Tutorial (tm)


Teach Yourself More Web Publishing: Chapter Two
HTML Tables Tutorial



Java in a Nutshell Example Code
Juggling Demo
Applet API Packages (Princeton)
Cool Applets We've Written (Beta)
Gamelan: Earthweb's Java Directory


Visigenic Software, Inc.
WebLogic Home

Meta Sites

Java Developer
Java Resources
Java Tools Reference Pages
Java: Programming for the Internet
JavaWorld - July 1996 - IDG's magazine for the Java community
Native De-Light client for Java
Query Page for
TeamJava HQ
Welcome to Sambal.ORG, The Dutch Java Site


Rogue Wave Home Page FAQ
ScrollPanel Class Extension
Remote Objects for Java
JavaScript Index
JavaScrip Flub Up Page
Java Applet Rating Service
JavaScript-Intro by Voodoo



Cut-N-Paste JavaScript
JavaScript Floating Menu
JavaScript Tour Index
JavaScript - Imported
Timothy's JavaScript Examples
This guy uses cookies to keep track of the current page (reload doesn't mess up the frame you were viewing...
Cyclops : The Future Interface
Mike Naylor's Five by Five Poker Starting Page
Form Test Results for NetscapeCookie
JavaScript By Example jbe16fi.htm
E.T. Smith Associates - Frames - Changing Content
Basic HTML Table Generator
HTTP Hopper
JavaScript Examples
My Eye
Remote Clock! 1.0

Experiments in JavaScript
JavaScript 411 Home Page
JavaScript Authoring Guide
JavaScript FAQ
Que's Digital Bookshelf
Server-side JavaScript
The JavaScript Index v2.0
Ask the JavaScript Pro
JavaScript Authoring Guide
ATLAS (pre-release) - JavaScript FAQ
Netscape Developer's Edge
JavaScript 411 Home Page
JavaScript Mailing List


Tools for WWW providers
A Complete Web Guide
The Web Developer's Virtual Library
TipWorld Home Page
UW Web Developer's Page
Web Authoring Resources.
CISTI maintains one of the largest collections of published
information in science and technology in North America.
Web Beginner's Corner
WebMaster Reference
Webmasters' Guild
WWW Consortium (W3C)


graphics programs

gd 1.2
Gif on the fly
Alchemy Mindworks Inc.

AudioNet Home Page

Publications on WWW

The PostMaster - Announce Your URL Everywhere!
Submit It!
CNET - Tech Magazine
NetscapeWorld - July 1996


WWW Security FAQ
User Authentication example


Apache HTTP Server
BSDI (Internet Server)
HyperText Transfer Protocol
Jigsaw Overview
Written entiredly in Java
Maxum: tools for Web Servers
NCSA HTTPd Home Page
qServer @ Communications Vir (Proxy)
The PHTTPD World Wide Web Server
The Spinner WWW-Server
Web servers with FastCGI
WN -- a server for the HTTP
Status fo W3C httpd

Web Robots/Engines

Agent Info
BackRub--tool for search engine
Glimpse Documentation
Glimpse is a very cool free search engine. WAIS no more.
Harvest Tool Set
MOMspider: Multi-owner Maintenance Spider
VWbot - Vancouver Webpages Web Robot
shareware web-traversing robot, is written in Perl4. It uses a single-threaded non-blocking algorithm to travese HTML and VRML documents using http.
World Wide Web Robots, Wanderers, and Spiders

Web maintainance

log interpreters

Analog: a WWW server logfile analysis program
wwwstat -- Distribution Information

FAQ: How To Announce Your New Web Site
HTML Checker (html.chkr)
HTML Checker (weblint)
HTML Validation Service
Measurements of WWW Connection Latency
Running A WWW Service - Title
Standard Documents
WebTechs HTML Validation Service


Columbine Bookmark Merge
Client Side State - HTTP Cookies
AutoPage - W3MAGIC(tm) Automatic Home Page Maker
Becoming a Web-Head
ColorServe Pro
Cross-Platform Page
Derek's HTML Author's Page
EIT's CGI Library
ForeFront:GrabNet and WebWhacker
HomePage Publisher
How to Start Your Own Site
ht://Dig: simple search engineering using META
html writers guild tools and utils
International Association of Independent Web Consultants
All links besides the Application is dead. No maintainance?
Jeffrey's Perl Stuff
Jim's Internet Tool Crib
libwww-perl: Distribution Information
LUDWEB/Web Design
Making a WWW Flop
MegaWeb, Inc Freeware Terms
Outline index
Random Jumper Pusher Puller
SAMBA Web Pages
Shareware CGI's
Technical Information and Specifications
The WWW Security FAQ
Thigpen's WWW references and utilities..
Top Ten Cover Page
UH - World Wide Web Resources
Wandex, the World Wide Web Wanderer Index
Web 66
Designing web pages from a K12 perspective; so easy even adults
would understand
Web tips....and Web links
WebApp (TM)
WebChat Broadcasting System Rules
WebMaster's Notebook
WebSter's Dictionary
WebTechs and HTML
Wide World Web Wonder Widget -- Mozilla Printing
World Wide Web- tools for aspiring web weavers
(mini list, check through for the real location)
WWW Computer Architecture Home Page
WWW Protocol specs
WWWWAIS Documentation