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"Hello!" I'm Katie and I have a very busy life here on Cape Cod. I have to take care of my owners shop. I make sure everyone who visits is never ignored and I'll follow and arooo until they say hello back. I've watched the shop for ten years ever since I was born on Halloween. I really enjoy carving pumpkins and Christmas Trees are pure delight. My personal favorite is when UPS brings packages. I always hope there's something for me inside.

Its very difficult to get out of bed
on these cold Cape Cod mornings

Here I'm waiting
for my Breakfast

Sometimes its difficult
being a shop dog

Most of the time I just wait.
Sometimes someone actually holds me

I was so happy when
I was listed on cyberscots

WOW UPS brings Bones Too!!

Well we've finally closed!

At last! Time for Bed.

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Somedays we're closed and
I get to go to the beach

I send a big
to everyone who sees my web page

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