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Soke Grandmaster Alan K. Kates

10th Degree SA-GI-DO


Grandmaster Kates is an active member of the Martial Arts for the past 45 years. He is the President of the Worldwide Alliance of Martial Artists, started in 1980, and is now International with members around the world.Grandmaster Kates holds a 10th Dan in Sa-Gi-Do, Sa-Gi-Do is an art based on the Korean development, which has 5 styles combined into one, which makes the student a well rounded martial artist. Soke Grandmaster Kates achieved his black belt in 1961 in Judo . In 1966 joined the U.S. Marines, 1967 to 1968 was a 0311 Combat Marine in Viet Nam, with the 1st Marine Division, 7th Marines, after Viet Nam changed his M.O.S. to Military Police. During his time in service he continued training and was with the USMC Tae-Kwon-Do Fighting Team in South Carolina. He was discharged from the Marines Nov. 1969 as an E-5 Sgt. continued training in Tae-Kwon-Do with Master Ki Chung Kim 1970's & 73 Trained with his brother Master Jon Chung Kim. Grandmaster Kates also started the first U.S.K.A full contact kickboxing in Allentown Pa. 1992. Grandmaster Kates always believes in an open mind,and all martial artist has something to offer. Grandmaster Kates has associated , trained and worked out with great names like, Master Lou Cassmassa, Master Ki Chung Kim, Master Jun gun Kim, Master Coleman, Master Joe Hayes, Master Shin, Grandmaster Tadashi Yamashita, Master Chung from California, Master Walters from the USA Korean Karate Association, and Grandmaster Moore from Universal Society of Black Belts.

Grandmaster Kates is certified as a Grandmaster of Sa-Gi-Do in the USA / Korea / Spain / Greece / Brazil / England / Germany/ Philippines / Canada/ India / Japan /.He holds 10 th degree in Kickboxing from Brazil and Utah.



Soke Grandmaster 10th Degree in Sa - Gi - Do.

Grandmaster 10th Degree in WKL Kickboxing from Grandmaster Carlos Silva.

Grandmaster degree in Tang-Soo-Do.

Grandmaster degree in Tae-Kwon-Do.

9th degree with the International Self-Defense Instructors Alliance.

Soke Grandmaster and founder of Sa-Gi-Do from World Jugi Tai Head Society.

Master 6th degree in Hapkido.

Master 7th degree in kodokan Judo , from Grandmaster Michiko Tonaka and Grandmaster Santiago Sanchis.

Master 4th degree in Soo-Bahk-Do.

He also trained in Muay Thai Kickboxing in Thailand in 1969.

Chinese Boxing in Calif. In 1975.

And is now the President and founder of the Worldwide Alliance of Martial Artists, also the. Worldwide Alliance Martial Artist, Masters, Legends, Hall of Fame.

Karate Pros Black Belt Academy in Ca.




Hall of Fame and Awards

1980 ..Member of Moo Duc Kwon under Grandmaster Kwang Kee

1984 ..Member of World Martial arts Association under Grandmaster Shin

1985 ..Member of…USA Korean Karate Association

1990 ..Member of…Universal Society of Black Belts

1996 ..Was inducted in to the Grandmasters Hall of Fame in Penn. For Outstanding Grandmaster of the year,

1996..May, was inducted in to the Christian Martial Arts Hall of Fame, for the Life Time Achievement Award.

1998..June, was inducted in the World Karate Union Hall of Fame, for Grandmaster of the Year, and the Life Time Achievement Award.

1998 inducted in the International Eastern Alliance as Founder of Sa-Gi-Do.

1998 World Soke's Association out of Florida.

1998 gave Law enforcement seminar to the New Jersey police department.

1999   Who’s , Who ,  in Action Magazine. As Grandmaster

1999 Soke Grandmaster and founder of Sa-Gi-Do from World Jugi Tai Head Society, From Arta Greece.

2000 inducted in the Universal Society of Martial Arts Hall of Fame For Pioneer Award

2000 : Life time member of Independent Martial Arts Federation Ca.

2001 : Life time member National Kobudo Federation, Pakistan

2001 : Life time Rank Recognition, Universal Fighting Arts Federation.

2002 Awarded Sa-Gi-Do Soke Grandmaster from Asian Grandmasters Society from India

2003 Life Time Member : Korean Yudo & Hapkido Association,USA

2003 Doctor of Philosophy of the Martial arts, From the State of Marilyn ….As a Prof. of Philosophy.

2003.. Award Soke Grandmaster in Sa-Gi-Do, Recorded at world Sole Headquarters Kobe, Japan.

2004 Hall of Fame CBKBT Global Organization Life Time Achievement Award.      & Grandmaster Instructor of the Year Award

2006 Award as (True Warrior) from Tang Shou Empty Hand Society of Martial Artists ( from Master Bill Dixon Liverpool England )

2006 : International Kempo Federation                 Hall of Fame ,Grandmaster Award

2007 : Member of International Martial Arts Council of America

2007 : Hall of Fame International Martial Arts Council of America , awarded Most Distinguish Grandmaster of the Martial Arts

2007 : Awarded Doctorate Diploma, Doctor of Philosophy in Martial Arts & Sciences . International University of Martial Arts Sciences 







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