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The ~~Good Conduct Medal~~special to this recipient

This soilder fought the different kind of war he was sent to fight another countries political battles he took the same "hill"over and over. He could not reconize his enemy they came as soilders, old men, women, and even children.

The "PURPLEHEART" was awarded to many in this "conflict". THE MEDAL OF HORNOR, was awarded to 239 recipients compaired to 420 given to WW11 recipients, a war declared virsus a "conflict".

We sent these men and women to fight while back home there were many that thought we should not be in this "conflict" protest were organized, men refused to answer the draft call. There were many soilders unaccounted for in these battles......those who cared began wearing "braclets" with the name of the missing.....

"A Toast To The Flag"
By John J. Daley

. Here's to the red of it ~ There's not a thread of it, No, not a shred of it, In all the spread of it, From foot to head; But heroes bled for it, Faced steel and lead for it, Precious blood and shed for it, Bathing in Red! Here's to the white of it~ Thrilled by the sight of it, Who knows the right of it, But feels the might of it, Through day and night? Womanhood's care for it, Made manhood dare for it, Keeps it so white! Here's to the blue of it~ Beauteous view of it, Heavenly hue of it, Star-spangled dew of it, Constant and true; Diadems gleam for it, States stand supreme for it, Liberty's beam for it, Brightens the blue! Here's to the whole of it ~ Stars, stripes and pole of it, Body and soul of it, O, and the roll of it, Sun shining through; Hearts in accord for it, Swear by the sword for it, Thanking the Lord for it, Red, White and Blue!

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