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Love sometimes means being Patient

Love sometimes means a struggle

It is you and me that make this world we want

All the patience and the struggles are but for a better life.

We were in other worlds before there was a us.........

We have lived a life time it seems.

Today it as if we awoke from that life and remembered our dreams.

I am sure no one has to remind us of what Love is.

We are no longer children beginning new lives we have lived and loved and lost.

The life we have had so far seems to have left us incomplete.

As life would have it we now have new challenges to meet.

Love means being patient, caring and sharing....

For not having a love to share has cast a shadow on our lives.

The world we seek for you and me will have its good and bad.

In my heart my love I know in this world of ours the incomplete will come to an end.

Love sometimes means being patient.

Love sometimes means sad as well as happiness,

It's you and me that makes this world we want.

All we encounter are for but a better life.

As our dreams come true and we age the struggles will become fewer.

The patience will become our daily life.

The worlds we left behind won't seem so important.

We my love, will have our world the world of which we dream.

We face today knowing what we want and how to get that life for us.

My love I say to you should we never get past a dream I am thankful for a dream.

My love, my world with out you will not be complete; you must know you are my dream come true.

Love is my love I have loved

You may be here but just for a while or forever.

You gave caring and love and with that came a real,

That as I live I can be glad you were in my dreams and made my life better.