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Mamas and Papas Albums Continued

The Papas and the Mamas

4th album put out by the Mamas and Papas in 1968 . Tracks include ..

  1. Dream A Little Dream Of Me
  2. Gemini Childe
  3. Ivy
  4. Mansions
  5. Meditation Mama (Transcendental Women Travels)
  6. Midnight Voyage
  7. Nothing's Too Good For My Little Girl
  8. Rooms
  9. Safe In My Garden
  10. The Right Somebody To Love
  11. Too Late
  12. Twelve Thirty
Producer: Lou Adler - Musicians and Friends Include: Hal Blaine, Percussion; Larry Knechtel, Keyboard; Joe Osborn, Bass - And sometimes: Dr. Eric Hord (traditionally with his back to the booth)

Label/ Catalog number= Dunhill 50031 Date Released= May 1968

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People Like us

Last album by the Mamas and Papas from 1971. They were forced to put out this album by Dunhill Records or else they would've got fined a total of one million dollars . For futher notice, the Medical Aid : Nurse Regina, was Cass's personal nurse that came to rehearsals. This was a time when Cass was ill because of exhaustion and crash dieting , and that is another reason she wasn't always at the studio and her voice was less prominent in the record. Tracks include..

  1. People like us
  2. Step Out
  3. Grasshopper
  4. No Dough
  5. Pacific Coast Highway
  6. Snowqueen of Texas
  7. Blueberries For Breakfast
  8. European Blueboy
  9. Shooting Star
  10. Lady Genevieve
  11. Pearl
  12. I Wanna Be A Star
Bass: Tony Newton/Drums: Ed Greene/Earl Palmer/Guitars: David T. Walker/Louie Shelton/Don Peake/Conga, Tambourine, Shakers and Cabasa: Miss Bobbye Hall/Vibes, Steel Drums, Bells, Tambourine, Shakers:Gary Coleman/Keyboard:Joe Sample/Clarence McDonald/John Phillips/Flute & Saxophone:Jim Horn/Medical Aid: Nurse Regina/Everything Else:Bill Cleary/Orchestra Arrangements:Gene Page/Produced By:John Phillips/Recorded At:The Sound Factory/Engineered By:Dave Hassenger/Assisted By:Val Garay/Rick Heenan/Music and Lyrics Composed By:John Phillips/"I Wanna Be A Star" *Composed By;Michelle Phillips/Cover Photography By: Henry Diltz/Liner Photography By:bob Jenkins/Designed By:Martin McDonald/Art Direction: Peter Whorf

Label/Catalog #= Dunhill 50106 Date released = November 1971

Find it here - People Like Us

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