I'm sorry, this site has been closed for quite a while now. I'm just now realizing that it was still working. I had put on another link to my new site, but apparently the pages were still working. Please accept my apologizes. If you have emailed me at made4ucrafts@hotmail.com, I have not answered you because hotmail has closed that account, as I was closing my site. I'm no longer making country crafts at this time, as my children are keeping me rather busy!

Please note, there is a lady that sent payment to me for "Buz the Bear", I do plan to mail this out to you. But, I don't have your address. Please email me as soon as possible at dyk92@hotmail.com. I have your return address on the envelope, but I'm not sure if I can see it well enough with the whiteout. Thanks! Melanie

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