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Re Tshwere VIBE

If you go anywhere in Southern Africa, you're likely to hear KWAITO'S irresistable beats pumping out of combis, clubs and Radio stations.Even though young people locally and abroad are as much into American tunes as people elsewhere in the world , a party isn't complete without KWAITO. Essentially , the music is a local version of the now in thing HOUSE music , with chanted (and sometimes) lyrics in different languages . It is with this fact online that a local KWAITO website was needed....hope ya'll like it and check out the various links to read the latest KWAITO News, upto date cyber store to BUY CD'S ,you name it we are linked to it. .Above is BOOMSHAKA ,about to embark on a United States Tour in April pending confirmation from the Record Label , Bula Music.


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