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The Unofficial John Fugelsang Appreciation Page - 2/10/2000

The Unofficial John Fuglesang Appreciation Page - 2/10/2000

With Mr. Fugelsang's performance and our acheiving 50 hits in one day, we sure hit the millennium running. In honor of this event, here is the total transcript for you.

February 9, 2000
Guests on this program were:
CCH Pounder
John Fugelsang
David Duke
Anne Taylor Fleming

Bill's Opening

Bill: Thank you very much.
Hey, hey, hey.
I know why you're excited today, with the Delaware primary.

[ Laughter ]

John McCain, the guy with the Big Mo, he did not even campaign there. He said, "You know, any time I step in a place that small, I get flashbacks, because --"

[ Laughter ]

Oh, please.

[ Applause ]

That's right.
He's a Vietnam vet.
He was in that prison camp for five years, and in South Carolina, get, this, he's campaigning there trying to get the Gen-X vote and he attended a rave party.

[ Laughter ]

I'm not kidding, and he tried to get them. He said to the kids, "You know, I spent half the '70s in a room doing nothing, which kind of makes me the original slacker."

[ Laughter ]

[ Applause ]

Yeah, it is -- it is, boy, it is getting nasty between him and George Bush. The other day, McCain said, "I still have some of the fighter pilot in me."

[ Laughter ]

And Bush said, "Oh, yeah? I still have some of the out-of-control cokehead in me so --"

[ Laughter ]

[ Applause ]

Panel Discussion

Bill: She is a regular contributor to public TV's "News Hour with Jim Lehrer, "Anne Taylor Fleming, ladies and gentlemen. Anne.

[ Applause ]

Anne: How are you?

Bill: Thank you for coming again. All right. One of TV's most talented actresses. She's on "The West wing," next week, will be hosting L.A.'s Pan-African film festival. CCH Pounder.

[ Applause ]

CCH: Hi, again. Hello.

Bill: Thank you for coming back here. I appreciate it. He's an actor/comedian, son of a preacher man, our pal, Mr. John Fugelsang.

[ Applause ]

John: What's up, Bill?

Bill: All right. And the former national director of the knights of the Ku Klux Klan. He's now the founder of NOFEAR, the National Organization for European American rights. His book is "My Awakening," David Duke.

[ Applause ]

David, thank you for coming. All right. Well, let's start with you, Dave.

[ Laughter ]

I hate to keep my audience in suspense. It's black history month. How's it going for you?

[ Laughter ]

I kid.

David: I can't -- I was almost too politically incorrect to think for "Politically incorrect." I kind of feel like you feel at the drug task convention.

Bill: Well, you know. Don't align "Politically Incorrect" with what you've been advocating. And I know you have changed over the years. Would you agree with that?

David: Well, I think we all do, yes. Bill: Okay, and I want to bring that up because it's a big issue in politics about change. Bush said about his drug past, he said, "When I was young and irresponsible, I was young and irresponsible. And pretty much that's all you're going to get out of me out of my drug past. I mean, we've all done things in our past that we're not very proud of it."

John: Well, when white guys do it and they're wealthy white guys, it's a youthful indiscretion, and we win on that one, Dave, man, we win on that one. You know, the people who are rotting away in Texas jail cells for some drug offenses should have had the foresight to be born wealthy, white and with Congressman dads. They didn't know better.

Bill: You're -- that's a good point.

Anne: He's right. He's right.

[ Applause ]

But youthful indiscretions, I think, should be off the table. I mean this witch hunt about marijuana is crazy. It's like the witch-hunt about adultery. All -- there is a zone of privacy and a zone of indiscretion, but I do agree with him totally that in Bush's case he's got people in jail for doing what allegedly he's done.

Bill: Okay.

CCH: What are you calling youthful indiscretion?

Bill: That's what I'm getting to. That's what I'm getting to. We all have done things in our past.

David: Yes. I've never committed any violence. My organization -- we talk about the Klan. It's not like the NAACP, one group. There's lots of different clans. You can have a vegetarian, unitarian Klan if you want. My group was never violent, was never charged with violence. My problem is that I was politically incorrect in that I was brave enough to stand up for the European Americans --

Bill: Dave, now I was going to be nice to you, but if you're going to appropriate my term, I'm not going to be nice.

David: I used that term before you did.

Bill: It means honest. Okay, "Politically Incorrect" means honest. It means not being political. It doesn't mean racist and don't make be me honest to you this soon.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Let me ask my question.

David: Yes. Bill, I was not -- my problem, my problem was that I was honest and there's a lot of European Americans in this country who aren't honest. That's the whole -- I wasn't one of these people that ran around in the dark and said things. I stood up from the street corners with a microphone in front of me and said what I believed to be true. And what I believed to be true, I guess is the subject we'll get into today, is that European Americans face racial discrimination and I think that's just as wrong.

Bill: Dave --

David: We face racial discrimination, jobs, employment, scholarships, promotions and if it's wrong against minorities in this country, I say it's just as wrong against white people in America.

John: And there was no Holocaust. [ He phony applaudeds ]

David: What does that got to do with this subject? You know, the truth is that every group, whether you talk about Jews, whether you talk about blacks, whether you talk about Mexicans, they can all stand up for their heritage. They can all stand up for their rights. The European Americans --

Bill: Except for the fact that the white people are of the overwhelming majority who have been in charge. You can't place yourself in the same place as --

David: Most tyrannies in the world have been a minority --

Bill: Let me give to the facts which are far into you.

David: Yes, sir, go ahead.

Bill: For every one dollar held by white families, blacks hold 11 cents. Bill Gates owns $58 billion in stocks and bonds. All black people together in America own $11 billion in stocks and bonds.

David: You know why he owns that? Because he worked and he produced. He did something to earn that money. He produced a revolution in the computer industry which affects everyone including black people in America. The truth is, just because you have a certain income that might be lower to someone else does not mean you're oppressed, does not mean you're being discriminated against and the truth is, the fact of matter is, Bill, in universities today, white people are 100 times more discriminated against --

CCH: Hold on, Bill. Let him role a little bit more. People really need to hear -- (makes the wacko sign when Duke can't see)

David: At the University of Texas law school for instance --

Bill: Woah, woah, okay.

John: I'm tired of taking it from a man. (pointing to CCH)

[ Laughter ]

You know, here's the thing. We already have --

Bill: Quit oppressing us.

David: No, with all due respect, it's not people like yourself.

CCH: What do you mean people like myself?

Bill: All right.

David: Black people have done this.

Bill: Oh, no.

David: Black people have done this. It's really -- it's European Americans in Congress have sold out our birth right and sold out our country.

John: And gays control the military. Did you know that? They control the military.

Anne: What about your rights to what? The paranoia and fear --

David: How about our constitutional rights not to be discriminated against?

Anne: What are you so scared of? What are you so scared of?

Bill: Wait a second.

Anne: Everybody?

David: What am I scared of?

Anne: And you pretend to speak for white European males. I don't know what anybody's heritage is -- there are plenty -- there are plenty of white European males who do not carry your insecurity. You pretend to speak for them. I guess that there are plenty of them here who are embracing --

Bill: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Dave, you've got to let other people talk on my show.

Anne: All the changes that have happened and the inclusion -- you are so passe, and it's such a model that is so painful.

David: Ma'am --

Anne: And you are so insecure.

David: Ma'am, if I was insecure --

[ Cheers and applause ]

I feel -- obviously I feel -- obviously I feel like I am in the lion's den, but let me tell you something, if I was so insecure --

Bill: Where are you not?

Where are you ever accepted at Klan meetings among friends?

David: Let me please answer the question. It's a cheap shot. Are you in a drug den? I mean, that's no answer. That's no way to talk to me. That's not fair. Look, here's the situation. If I was insecure -- if I were insecure, I wouldn't be here and I wouldn't be saying the things that I'm saying. I'm very secure. I mean, I'm a European American who wants to defend his right to his heritage and what am I afraid of? I'm afraid of the fact that there are 200 white women in this country raped by minorities by blacks for every one black raped by whites. Wait -- you can argue that statistic, but it's a fact -- the cops -- I'm scared of the fact that in many of our major cities the European Americans can't even use the public schools that our taxes pay for. I mean, civil rights was fought for the idea that a black child can sit next to a white child and in many of our major cities, white parents can't even send their children to public schools because of violence --

Anne: You know why? They took them out because they're -- the white flight from the schools is what did that.

David: For a good reason. For a good reason.

Anne: No. If we'd stayed and changed the schools, that's ridiculous.

Bill: But wait a second. You fail to look at the root cause of all this, which is people who are not given a fair shake in the American dream, do not feel as compelled as others to be law abiding and I don't blame them.

John: Economic racism is --

Bill: Today. That goes on today. You have Hurricane Carters in the theaters now. Abner Diallo, Rodney King pulled over for driving while black. I mean, it's not over yet. And -- whoa, whoa! Whoa, whoa.

CCH: Wait a minute, David. The way you speak it, you give it -- the world the impression when you get platforms like this, is that simply because those people were black, that suddenly they're the ones that are raping your women. And without --

David: Black males are raping a lot of women.

CCH: We have covered -- we have covered this country with color and we ignored the economics of everything because really this is about economics. David: You're about color, ma'am --

CCH: In the lower -- in the lower echelons of society -- society. That everywhere in the world, you had a wonderful 15 minutes, now you give me my five, all right?

[ Cheers and applause ]

You're constantly -- it's a wonderful thing to hold on to the black/white issue when economics are so critical in this country, where amongst people who are desperate and disparity and disillusion there is more crime. You cannot look at your so-called all-white society if you took a look at Ireland, at the poverty and the difference between the races and their murders and their killings. What difference does it make if a white man rapes 200 of your women or a black man does it?

[ Applause ]

Bill: Now I get my five from our sponsors. We'll be right back.

[ Applause ]

Bill: All right. Surprise bringing it up, we were talking about race, now this last week at Bob Jones University, which, if you don't know, is a university in South Carolina where George Bush opens his South Carolina campaign. It's a university where interracial dating is outlawed. I think it's the only one in the country. William Kristol, who was a very conservative man, said, "You can make the case that compassionate conservatism died when Bush appeared at Bob Jones University." Now, in the movie "Bulworth," the Bulworth character says, "You know, I think the hope is that we all just keep boinking" -- he says a different word -- "And when we all keep doing that, we'll be one race." Why doesn't that solve our problems? Why, why wouldn't that solve -- why do we -- what is the benefit of remaining pure racially? I never understood.

David: Well, first of all, with Bush or McCain or Gore or Bradley, would they be condemned for going to Israel, which doesn't even recognize legally marriages between Jews and Palestinians? Would they be considered or condemned for going to Israel --

Bill: Wait.

David: No, no, I want to finish the sentence because that's the point, though. There's a double standard here. Every other people can preserve their heritage. What's the point? I think we've got a right to preserve our heritage in this country.

John: Okay, first of all, first of all, let's get -- let's take it point by point.

David: My heritage is European American.

John: I know.

David: And I'm proud of that fact.

John: Well, first off, I was taken aback because I wasn't really prepared. I thought it was going to be daisy Duke on the show and I brought off some cutoffs for you to sign, so pardon me if I'm a bit off.

David: I'll sign them.

John: Now, I know that you're a reformed Klansman, which means, I guess that you use a softer rope. However --

Bill: Ooh.

John: First off, George W. Bush is so stupid, he thinks Rwanda was J.J.'s sister on "Good Times." Don't hold it against him. Second off, if you're going to talk about Israel and Palestine, those are two warring states. We are one country. And what has made us great is --

[ Applause ]

Please. -- Is our diversity and if you really think that it's that great to be in a racially homogenous area, go visit parts of England or parts of the Midwest where it's all white and people have heads like footballs. It doesn't work that way. And there is no such thing as a future. We can worry about a lot about our heritage, but the caucasians in this country haven't really worried too much about the heritage of the red people we stole it from.

David: You're full of self-hate, aren't you?

[ Applause ]

John: Yeah. Okay, okay.

David: You're full -- please, please, here's the point? You guys, all you people who are opposed to racism, you cheer this. This guy is full of self-hate. He talks about white people in the terms of their heads shaped like footballs. If he'd have said something about a black person or another minority or a Jewish person --

John: They dance better than me.

David: Whatever, that's not the point. If you'd have said that about them, I don't think any of you people who would have cheered. That's a perfect example of the point I'm trying to make. There's a reverse racism.

[ Talking at the same time ]

John: First of all, as far as self-hatred goes, I don't know -- I was --

David: If you want to talk racial purity, go to Israel and talk about Jews.

John: As far as self-hatred goes --

CCH: I think that's what he was talking about in terms of -- let the balls just keep bouncing.

David: Wait.

CCH: It ends up looking like --

John: As far as self-hatred goes --

David: Let me say something.

John: I was raised Catholic, so maybe I do have some self-hatred. I know you people didn't like the Catholics too much either.

David: That's not true. I've never ever said a word against Catholics in my life.

John: The Klan is not against Catholics?

David: No, the Klan I have was never against Catholics.

John: Okay, the Klan you have. That's -- that's fair.

David: There's lots of different -- there's lots of different groups. But that's the whole point.

[ Talking at the same point ]

John: Institutionalized racism is so ingrained in our society, we don't notice it.

David: Racism against white Americans that's ingrained right now in this country.

John: Look, if you want to have an organization that's filled with white European Americans, there already is one. It's called the U.S. and they have a 24-hour show on C-SPAN.

David: Yes.

John: We're in charge, man. Live it up.

David: They may be white on the outside, but they're not white on the inside. I can tell you that. They're playing to the media. They're playing to the political powers that be in this country and they've sold out their birth right in this country.

Anne: You know, is this the kinder, gentler version of you?

Because, man, I'd be scared to see you --

David: Let me tell you something. You want to see kinder, gentler America? Look at the crime rates. Look at the drugs. Look at the structure of our schools. We're losing the families that.

Bill: This is the map of America you redrew in 19 --

David: I didn't draw that. That's totally incorrect.

Bill: Oh, come on. This is -- this is --

David: That's not true.

Bill: In 1984 you have this map where every minority got a little part of the country -- I love this -- the Mexicans got this down here, off of California. The Indians got Navahona. And the Jews got Long Island.

[ Laughter ]

The Cubans got Miami or rather got to keep Miami.

David: What I'm talking about -- what I was talking about is the way the country was -- what I was talking about --

John: It doesn't belong to white people. It doesn't belong to white people.

David: I come to California. I think I'm in North Mexico.

John: We stole California from Mexico!

David: No, we didn't!

[ Cheers and applause ]

John: Yes, we did. 1815. We stole it.

David: No, sir. No, no. White California --

Anne: He's off. He's going.

[ Laughter ]

David: What California became is part of the United States of America and a great state, a powerful state.

John: We stole it.

David: No, we didn't steal anything. We built it. We create it had with our hands.

John: By force and violence.

David: And our genius. And our struggle, no, no.

Anne: But you're insulting.

David: You think the Mexicans didn't -- you think the Mexicans have never used force or violence in this territory? They just happened to lose the war, my friend.

John: But we illegally invaded these --

David: No.

John: Learn the history of your own country, David!

[ Cheers and applause ]

Bill: I have to take a break. We'll be right back.

Bill: All right. Before we actually start shooting each other, let's talk about guns a little, because there's a guy running for Congress in Illinois who is raffling off a rifle to raise money for his Congressional campaign. He says he wants to get the attention of second amendment people to let them know someone cares about their rights.

John: That's great.

Bill: Other than the entire Republican Congress, of course. But even if you're for guns, do you think this is an appropriate thing to do?

David: I think it is.

John: Absolutely. There's three things Americans are good at, gambling, buying guns and electing idiots.

[ Laughter ]

Anne: And shooting people. And we're good at shooting each other, too.

[ Applause ]

David: No, I think it's great. I think if you get more guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens, I think crime would go down.

John: Sniper rifles. It's a sniper rifle.

David: Especially in Australia where they confiscated the guns recently, crime went up almost 70% in Australia in simply the year since they started banning the guns and -- I'd much rather see them raffle off a gun than something very dangerous like a television --

John: It's a sniper rifle.

CCH: Blow up --

David: I'd much rather see them raffle off a gun than something really dangerous like a television set. Because that -- yeah, because that --

Bill: Dave, I would stick with your day job as a racist and not --

[ Laughter ]

And not get into comedy. But --

[ Applause ]

David: I realize I have a hard house here. There's no question. I got a difficult house. No question about it.

Bill: Yeah.

David: I'm in a strange land here.

Anne: But it's not a strange land. I mean, this is your country. These are your people. This is it, honey.

David: I got 60% of white vote in two statewide elections in my home state.

Anne: Statewide!

CCH: How many states are there, David?

David: Over 60%, and I tell you you, I've had support all over the United States and I think this organization, National Organization for European American rights is getting tremendous response.

John: There's a Bob dylan song called "Only a Pawn in Their Game" that I hope you listen to.

I want to apologize to you for losing my composure before and hearing you talk now, I realize it was wrong of me to yell at you and I've realized that anybody as far to the right as you is clearly crying out for help, and I want you to know that as far as the gay bashing goes, David, I don't have anything against your bashing gays, I've realized that maybe that's a cry for help and I think there's nothing wrong with you that sex with a man couldn't fix, and, David --

David: Really?

[ Laughter ]

John: I'm prepared to make that sacrifice for my country. (Stands, pulls off clothing) Come on.

[ Laughter ]

I will -- I am going to cross over to the dark side for you Obi-Wan.

Anne: That leaves us out. Thank God!

David: Would you take your --

John: I'm going to make you bite the pillow, bitch!

[ Laughter ]

David: Would you take your -- would you take your sexual frustrations out on someone like Bill here, please.

John: No, Dave, it's all about need. It's all about need. The need of sex with a rough man.

David: I realize standing up --

Anne: Bring you over to the right side.

David: I realize people like you are not used to a real man who will stand up for --

CCH: Anne, wait a second.

John: I'm more woman than you'll ever have and more man than you'll ever be.

Bill: I promise this is not going to be "The Jerry Springer Show" ever again! I promise.

[ Applause ]

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