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Mon | Aug 8

Go buy our NEW album "CLIENTS" in stores now.

Everytime I Die, High on Fire, Chariot, The Esoteric tour dates are final.

THE RED CHORD loose guitarist Kevin Rampelberg!
The cat is out of the bag:

Kevin Rampelberg (aka Big Kev) is no longer with The Red Chord. Kevin and I (Guy) have been playing together in bands for the past 10 years and in The Red Chord for the last 6 or so. Kevin played his last show with the band at the Palladium in Worcester last week (July 26th). The split was abrupt, but amicable. For the time being, we are performing as a 4 piece with Gunface (aka Mike McKenzie) handling all the guitar duties.

On the special occasion side of things, Psyopus guitarist, Chris Arp, is currently out with The Red Chord learning our songs in order to start filling in over the next few days. For those of you confused, Psyopus is supposed to be out with Ion Dissonance and Swarm of the Lotus right now. Unfortunately, according to preliminary reports from the band, they were waiting to leave for the first show of the tour and they received a wild and confusing call from drummer Lee Fisher explaining he would not be able to do the tour. Psyopus contemplated having a drum machine fill in to keep from bailing, but parties involved disagreed with the practicality of the idea.

The Red Chord will be playing HELLFEST on August 21st.

Check out the video for ANTMAN from the album "CLIENTS". or just the ANTMAN AUDIO.

old news>>

Sat | July 16

We just played our last show on the Sounds of the Underground tour and it was one of the most amazing tours we have ever done. We want to thank all of our new friends and the SOTU crew for being so awesome. We want to thank everyone that came out to support us at the shows. Everyone was amazing. We hope to see you on our future tours. We would also like to thank everyone that played video games with us on this tour. I bet you had fun kicking our asses in HALO 2. Go to the www.PLAYROSTER.com tent and check out a way to play video games against your favorite bands on the SOTU tour.

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