My Shortwave Page

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Welcome to my shortwave page. Here you will find all sorts of information on shortwave radio.

There are many different shortwaves. They range in prices from $40.00 to $6000.00 dolars. What I like to do is listen to shortwave stations and send them a letter and they send a QSL card back to me. The shortwave radio brands I suggest are: DRAKE-ICOM-SONY-JRC-AOR-YAESU-LOWE-WJ-Sagen. The Shortwave radios I own are a radioShack DX-397 and a Sangean ATS-909.

This is my RadioShack DX-397 shortwave.

This is my Sangean ATS-909



WHRI Shortwave Radio

BBC Shortwave Radio

WJCR Shortwave Radio

WYFR Shortwave Radio

Here is a Pirate Padio site. I am against Pirate Radio but this is a cool site and has a lot of information about radio.