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Here I am getting ready to put up the third section of my tower. I am on the roof my tower shed.I keep my climbing belt in the shed and other tools I need for working on the tower.

This is a picture of the third section up in the dark. This was right after i got it up. Dave-KB1DFD and myself put up the tower with a homemade ginpole and some red straps I had in the tower shed. This section took about 1 hour to get up.

This is me at the top of the third section with my HT. I was doing some work up at the top of the tower and when I finished I took my HT off my belt and started to see which reapters I could hit from up there.

These are pictures taken from the top of my tower.

Here are some pictures of my 2 meter, my 6 meter, and my ATV antenna.