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Here are the frequences I am active on.

144.340 SIMPLEX 145.370 PL 88.5 146.760 no PL 145.150 PL 123.0 146.550 SIMPLEX

I enjoy using 2 meter VHF because it works great for talking to local hams. I use 2 meters more then any other band. I talk to my friends on simplex a lot. Two meters is a great band because you can run up to 1,500 watts, And that is quite a lot. I only run 50 watts because that is all I need to talk to local hams.

I am a member of the ARRL.

This is my Icom IC-207H. It is a dualbander 2and 440. I picked it up in New Hampshire brand new from Lentini Communications.

This is my ADI-201HP. It is a 2 meter hand held. It was my first hamradio. . This is a great 2 meter radio. It has 3 power selections 0.35 watts, 2.5watts,and 5watts.