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African American GATEWOOD Home Page

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My research thus far, concludes that strands of every African American GATEWOOD family connects to a singular web.

The core of this web found in Rappahaneck VA on plantation grounds owned by John G GATEWOOD in 1687.

My statement is supported, thus far, by historical documents which prove the lone singular lineage of GATEWOOD slave owners in the United States, minimal GATEWOOD slave sales, and vast amounts of GATEWOOD slave breeding, prior to and including the era of slavery.

Note that, it is safe to assume that GATEWOOD slaves were treated WITHOUT cruelty as many kept their surname following release. Documents also support the early release of many slaves and at least one GATEWOOD owner assisted a slave in his attempts to run away.

Due to the breeding practices of many GATEWOOD slave owners, No biological African American GATEWOOD, when meeting another, should assume that they are Not related.

Our shared history, includes bravery, accomplishments, determination, love, respect, sweat and some tears. All the things that make up a strong foundation

Any GATEWOOD, regardless of ethnicity, is invited to participate in this endeavor to "join the strands"

Any/all tid-bit of information is greatly appreciated.

This project dedicated to my father, JOSEPH GATEWOOD JR, who believed in perserverance and the importance of family.

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