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Adams Forest Wardens

Welcome to the Adams Forest Wardens

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This is our new tanker.Brand new chevy ,diesel,3 dumps,350 gal a min pump.This replaces our old 53 rio,which savoy fire now has.We would like to thank our supporters who helped make this all happen.especially Joe Lefebvre may he rest in peace...


This picture shows all our vehicles.From left to right there is our 1953 rio 1250 gallon tanker truck,next is our 1978 dodge crew cab brush truck,and last but not least is our 1976 ford pumper(750 gallons/min).TR


Our pumper holds 750 gallons of water.This truck has a pump rate of 750 gallons per minute.Also this truck holds a variety of equiptment.Such as 3",2.5",1 1/2,1 1/4,1 1/8" hoses.We have soft backpacks for small fires that hold 5 gallons of water...etc. page 2