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Quotes from Burdon.

"What am I most proud of? Well, the only thing I've got to be proud of is hearing the applause in my ears when I get off the stage every night."

"All the press releases on the Animals have always been like 'The Allen Price Combo' was the basis of the Animals and that I joined th Allan Price Combo which is really not true. I mean, it's just that there was a series of bands."
"Well, it seems that one day Dylan was drivin' up to San Francisco from New Orleans or somehwhere, when our record [House of the Rising Sun] came over his radio. When it was announced he said to Joan Baez-who was with him at the time-"This'll be the first time I've heard this version," although it was at that time number one in the States. So he listened to it, stopped the car, ran around the car five times, banged his head on the bumper and began leapin' about shouting, "It's great ! It's great!"
You can imagine traveling on that little English bus from town to town with Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee Lewis on the same bus? I mean, you had a whole microism of America's problems on that tour bus."
(On the Animals splitting)"It's been one long one night stand for the last three years and I'm physically very tired and a little mentally tired too. It's time to slow down, and do some work."

Quotes about Burdon.

"I dug the fact that he wasn't a pretty boy. He always had that unkept, 'I don't give a shit' look about him. The Stones were always very fashionable you know, but Eric Burdon had this funk about him that, to me, it made me think that he was honest. I thought 'this guy doesn't give a shit', he just wants to go out there and sing."--Sammy Hagar
"Once when the Animals were on Ready Steady Go, Eric Burdon unbuttoned his jacket to reveal the shocking inscription, 'Rock 'N' Roll Lives!', scrawled on cardboard across his front."--Alan Clayson, author of the book 'Beat Merchants'
"Now, Eric is one of the best friends I have. He's a great guy. I like the way he works. I like the way he sings, too. He's a good blues performer. I've seen him work in a club in England. This boy came on stage with a blues song and he tore the house up. They called me up on stage after he finished and I wouldn't go up. I knew I couldn't do anything to top it. Eric can really sing blues."--The great Otis Redding. This quote is courtesy of Julie.
"Eric sounded like he was really singing, but still had that rough and tough sound, and you only get that through age. Through singing and screaming and beating your voice up and if you're real young, and smoke enough cigarettes and drink enough whisky it sounds like that early but then when your'e 25 you can't sing any more! So, Eric had that at a young age. It impressed me. I said yeah, this is the real stuff."--Sammy Hagar
"The Animals weren't cute, and didn't try to be."--Robert Palmer, author of Rock & Roll: an Unruly History