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Digitology—The Grand Theory Of The Universe

You have come upon the ultimate Grand Theory of the Universe, that not only explains the physical nature of life and all existence, but also the appearingly intangibles (e.g., psychical phenomena). Not only would Digitology be regarded as a reductionary view of all we perceive, it is the reductionary explanation . It is based on, and inspired by, Robert Wright's April 1988 article in The Atlantic Monthly, "DID THE UNIVERSE JUST HAPPEN?", an introduction to theorist Edward Fredkin's concept of DIGITAL PHYSICS. Dr. Fredkin has since presented his Digital Philosophy online. At this time—and for the foreseeable future—all that is being presented here is Digitology's proclamation, which was written back in the Fall of 1989. However, this should provide ample food for thought, regarding one's understanding of the Universe and all existence:

Proclamation Of Digitology


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