Words to Live by...

Statement of Faith, Christ Community Church of Blackstone:

Covenant, Christ Community Church of Blackstone:

We, the members of Christ Community Church, subscribing to the above Statement of Faith covenant:

  • To gather together faithfully as a Christian community to worship the risen Lord Jesus Christ,

  • To strive together, using every means at our disposal to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our own community and in the wider world and thereby fulfill Christ's commission to make disciples, to work for justice in both word and deed in our community and in our world,

  • To encourage one another in our walk of faith rejoicing with those who rejoice and weeping with those who weep,

  • To encourage and facilitate the discovery and development to the God-given gifts and talents in our brothers and sisters, whatever these gifts may be,

  • To be a community where the stranger is always welcome, where the one searching for truth can come and hear truth spoken and see truth lived, where the one broken in spirit can come and find healing of spirit, striving with all the strength the Holy Spirit gives, to be all things to all men that we might win all to the Lord Jesus Christ,

  • Finally, to be a community that waits, enduring all things patiently and saying with the apostle John, "Even so Lord Jesus come".