June 2010, Africa

Dear Friends,

We are writing to give you an update on an exciting development in our ministry. Many of you have followed us this last year and a half while we have been in working in Nairobi, Kenya. I have been serving the administrative office here with IT support, and Heather has been traveling around the continent for her work in communications, using Nairobi as her base.
In December we were asked by our director to consider moving to South Africa in order to be in closer proximity to our office in South Africa that is going through a major transition, and to be closer to another ministry with whom Wycliffe can partner on communications projects. We visited South Africa in February to attend a workshop and explore if this might be a good move for us. In March we began to consider Cape Town as a possible place to relocate.
In April we began taking action towards a move to South Africa, targeting August for our relocation. At the end of May our move was officially approved by Wycliffe. Many details are still being worked out, so please continue praying for this transition.
God has already cleared some obstacles. A couple moving to Nairobi in September purchased our entire household and our car. The transaction will be finalized when we move, so we are free to use everything until we leave. We already have some leads on a new home and car in Cape Town.
A new job opened for me that will allow me to continue to serve Africa with IT skills. In this new role, I will serve teams based all around the continent through remote technology. We also anticipate that I will be able to travel with Heather a couple of times a year.
Heather's job is expanding. She will continue to provide communications services to Africa and assist organizations in Africa in their global communications efforts. She will also be helping communications teams based in Europe, the Americas and Asia-Pacific set up field journalism teams, and she will be involved in facilitating international partnerships in communications.
We have gathered nearly all the paperwork the South African government requires for foreigners to live and work there. We are hoping to secure their approval for our residence there by the end of June. If everything comes together, we will be moving to South Africa between the last week of July and first week of August.

Please pray for the following:

  • A smooth transition from Nairobi, Kenya to Cape Town, South Africa
  • To receive final approval from the South African government to live and work there

    Thank you for your on-going support of our ministry!


    Jeff & Heather Pubols
    Acct # 219208

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