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Hockey Central : 2001-2002 Season

^ Tom Barasso makes another stellar save, this time versus the Washington Capitals.

News, News, News...Going to Washington DC to American University very soon...hope you'll all keep in touch! Explore as you will...let me know what you think. The thank yous and general all purpose drivel that used to be here is now linked below also in the interest of space and attention span. Each of the links below is a collection of some of the links that used to be here...I decided that having so many links was hard to read and deal with. Any comments and questions? Feel free to e-mail me and I will see what I can so! Thank you and enjoy!

Hockey Links

My assorted hockey links...emcompasses National and American Hockey Leagues. Any info on hockey you're looking for, you have a pretty good shot at finding it here.

Literary Links, Readings, and Entertainment...

Some book exerpts, some fun stuff...just a fun page of links.

All About Me

Info on me...if you want to know, check it out. If not, don't bother. Up to you.