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My name is Ryan and I am a Sophomore at college. I am the President of the Lyndon State College "Youth for America" Club. It is my belief that the Conservative and Republican philosophy of less government, lower taxes, increased military, and America First foreign policy are the way to make and keep America great.

I also believe that it is our responsiblity as the youth of America, to make sure that the rights of the unborn are protected, especially their right to life. We must make sure that our Constitution is not compromised, and our rights are never taken from us. The Constitution gives us the right to bear arms, and I will fight to protect that right until I breath my last breath. The moral fabric of this great Nation has been torn, and it is up to us to patch that back together. The Christian history of our country must always be maintained, and it is our duty to make sure we don't let our Nation drift away from God. Thank you for visiting my site and come back as often as you would like.

Mr. Young Conservative.

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