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Baby Set - Washing with Ribbons

Sally warned:
I used to weave matching satin ribbon along the edges of baby afghans for my 
two daughters' babies, but they twisted when washed, and most young mothers 
don't have time to untwist 5 yds of ribbon every time they wash the baby's 
afghan. They were pretty though.

Rosemary advised: I have never made an afghan with ribbons but I do make booties with the ribbon ties. I always suggest taking the ribbon out before washing. That might be a huge hassle with an afghan so, I don't put them in. A mom with a new baby is busy enough without having to deal with that extra work, imo.

Sue advised Sally (who had a problem with ribbons twisting when washed): You could try sewing it in after threading it thru. Just use a matching thread and
sew a small zigzag stitch thru both layers. It will wash fine and no longer twist.

Su advised: You can burn the ends of the ribbon with a match... just enough to singe them a tad. But I recommend doing it BEFORE it's in the garment so you don't accidentally burn that.

Jayne stated: You need to cut the ends at a angle to keep them from fraying. You could also get a tube of Fray Block by June Taylor. You can find it on the notions wall in the fabric dept at Walmart, its on a card, the tube color is teal and purple. They also carry it at fabric stores. Just put a tiny amt along the cut edge and it seal it. It dries clear and is washable and drycleanable. It is better than the old Fray Block because it doesn't get real hard like the Fray Block does. You can also use it to seal cut ends of your yarn or crochet thread. Just be sure you only use a very small amt.

Jane and I had quite a back and forth session today! She advised: I would wash it without the ribbon in it first. Ribbon is usually washable,
but it wrinkles. As for the Mom receiving the gift, if the ribbon isn't
expensive, maybe you can include more ribbon in the package, in case it
frays too much or bunches up. Can you just see a new Mom ironing ribbon?
NOT! But it makes such a beautiful set! Good luck!

To which I responded: This is a great idea!! And I bought a ton of extra ribbon (I was going to put it into the blanket, but decided not to - but I had bought the extra for the blanket. I'll just cut the extra into lengths.) Should I suggest that she removes the ribbon before washing? There's a nice eyelet row that is easy to thread the ribbon through. She will have a lot of help with this baby.

Jane then reminded me: LOL! Babies don't care where they spit I wouldn't suggest taking the ribbon out to wash it after it's been used! Sorry, just had to laugh. But the ribbon could hold up for several washings before she needs to replace it.

DUH!! Lol I forgot all about babies spitting up and doing all sorts of
other smelly things been a while for me!

Sarah suggested: How about crocheting a chain with the color you want to use, slip stitching back to make it into a sort of ribbon and then using that to weave in and out to decorate blankets, etc. instead of ribbons. It would be easier upkeep.