Instructions for Gliding under the water when pushing off the side in freestyle crawl swimming turn

What I didnt realize at first...wrists on head fingers together to form point is cool

David Virgil Hobbs
I did a lot of freestyle crawl turns pretty well before I realized that suddenly with less force applied against the wall with legs, I was gliding much farther for some reason, on the rebound side of the turn. Then I understood that I was accomplishing this through the way I locked my hands together in a point with the palms facing out and the heels of the hands resting on the top of my head. I learned this pointed hand technique not from books or coaches but from experience doing the breaststroke turn. What I learned was that getting the hands positioned in this pointy manner with wrists touching the top of the head, significantly increased glide in the latter part of the breastroke I mean breaststroke turn. When I applied this to the freestyle crawl turn I got immediate results. But the method I am advocating is not taught in books or by coaches for either the breaststroke or freestyle crawl turn. The coaching textbooks basically feature vague drawings photos and talk which sort of show the hands shooting forward as the swimmer blasts off the wall with his or her legs. To the contrary with my method at the very beginning of the leg blast off the wall before the hands make any forward movement, the hands are are locked together like a triangle with its base at the top of the swimmer's head.