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What to do when your car only holds a charge for around a day after it is jump-started

Should you be patient with the battery or discard it?

My car was jump started by AAA after the trusty door lights caused the battery to drain when the door was left slightly open. It worked fine for a day and then the next day it was back to not starting again. It was time to plot my next move and I turned to the internet. Below you can find a selection of relevant links I personally chose and retitled.

The solution boiled down to filling up the holes on top of the battery with water and then attempting to restart it again, or, just going and buying another battery. I opted for buying another battery. My research on the internet showed that:

1) car batteries become diseased if they are subjected repeatedly to being drained of power and then recharged through methods such as jump starts.

2) diseased car batteries may run for a while but their time is short they soon perish, especially if operated in cold weather conditions.

3) if upon inspection it turns out that a car battery has not had sufficient water inside it (the water inside the holes at the top of the battery should come right up to the edge of the hole), it is now too late to save the battery from the battery graveyard. The battery has been so damaged by insufficient water that it might run for a short while, but then perish.

4) if the battery can hold a charge, so as to allow the auto to run for a day or a few days and then dies again, this indicates that the alternator is not the problem, the electrical system is not the problem, no, the battery is the problem.

5) The age of the battery is a determinant in estimating the diagnosis of a battery. It is reasonable to be more pessimistic re the prospects of a battery that can be reasonably suspected of being elderly.

6) Cold weather acts to drain a battery of power. This drain of power subjects the battery to stresses that disease the battery.

For these reasons I decided to if possible get the new battery before attempting to jumpstart the car again with the battery water level fixed unless some free source of a jumpstart could be found; and I resolved upon in any case replacing the battery as soon as possible. Even if the old battery turns out to be salvageable so as to act as a back up battery (it should be remembered that batteries should be stored carefully they are toxic), I will be in a better position to, if I decide it is worth the investment of the requisite time energy and money, obtain an intimate understanding of the disease affecting the old battery when I have removed it from the automobile. A week from now I will have a better idea of whether such investment of time energy and money would be worth it, than I would if I made a spur of the moment decision to become expert immediately. Driving with the new battery with the old one as a backup makes more sense than the reverse of such. There is a danger of plunging in and wasting alot of time energy and money on things like jumpstarts, and recharging, and battery diagnostic equipment and methods, and on understanding with 99.99% accuracy exactly what is wrong and exactly what is the best solution, all to save a battery that does not have much time left anyway even if the best battery doctor in the world hospitalized it.

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AAA re Cleaning and Maintaining Car Batteries
AAAA re the 4 most common on the road car problems
Europulse re which batteries can be pulse charged back to life re figuring out what is wrong with a battery that wo'nt start explains why batteries with a low water level are a lost cause
Message 17 explains how to decide what to do about battery that keeps dying
Testimonials re the efficacy of Pulsetech's renew-it battery maintenance aid

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My idea is to sort of use the telekinetic action of the minds of people such as yourselves, to help uplift spirits of all people everywhere (except the ones who should not be uplifted).

This is rational I'll explain to you an original insight I figured out. Just as you could not hear the drumbeats produced by the mind of the drummer if God blocked the sound waves, so also another type of action of God, interference as opposed to non-interference, allows the benevolent thoughts in the mind of a praying person to have effect on others. (this does not mean God approves of everything he allows to happen). So if you do something such as read the poetic prayer I wrote you can find below, you might really be able to accomplish something.

By now anti-religious noises produced with regularity by the argumentative might be beginning to echo through your head. The best way I know to quiet such echoes is to point out that the scriptures have more than once declared, that most of God's thoughts words and deeds are not recorded in scripture.


God grant unto us and to all everywhere
except those we should'nt ask such for in prayer
that there be less sin is the prayer we now declare
For we are like hunters tracking magical game
whose meat gives us the holy spirit saints acclaim
Spirit of God help us reduce within us that sinfulness
through which we fail to catch this game that gives the spirit to us
And help reduce sins we commit that weaken the ability
of others to capture this game that feeds us spiritually
God lend thy assistance and hear this our prayer
let there be less truce breaking and theft everywhere
less swindling extortion and murder causing despair
God grant that evil thoughts and unholiness are reduced
in us and also in all places both here and abroad
God help us so less folly and drunkenness are turned loose
and help lessen misplaced lusts not of the will of the Lord
Let there be less of envies jealousies greed and selfishness
less of a kind of gainsaying unthinking rash stubbornness
less of rejoicing in iniquity and impatience
less of irritability and less of covetousness
Father God let there be less malice heartlessness and arrogance
less hatred overall and less hatred of God and good persons
less excess love of self money and pleasure our lives to worsen
Lord let there be less absence of faith hope and endurance
less absence of natural affection, the absence odd
less of ungratefulness and less of lack of thanks to God
less of the absence of love and less absence of conscience
God grant unto us and to all people everywhere
that there be a reduction in sins is now our prayer
Let there be less excess of gossip and insolence
less approval of sin idle talk and boastfulness
and less blasphemy and slander and less false witness
Let there be less lack of self control and unseemly behaviour
and less insufficient obedience to mothers and fathers
Let there be less deceit treachery and lack of forgiveness
and less of invention of ways of committing wickedness
Let there be less implacability and rashness
less of the excess of strife and less of ruthlesness
less of excess debate and less unmercifulness
less of brutality fierceness and abusiveness
Sins we commit that weaken us and make us less able
to catch the game that is spirit-giving and magical
and sins others commit that weaken our ability
to hunt down this magical game are like monstrosities
we are like soldiers at war with these monstrosities
who contest these lands where we hunt in prayerful rhyme
for that Spirit yielding game that can be so hard to find
God help us war against these monsters of iniquity
All I ask thee father God in this prayer to you,
I ask in the name of Jesus whose name is Yayzoos

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@2003 David Virgil Hobbs

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