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Choosing the right car battery

Which auto battery should I buy?

You can find alot of opinions on the internet re which car battery is the best. You never know who these people posting their opinions are or what their motives are. As for ratings services like Consumer Reports some say their ratings do not pan out; others claim they are secretly bought with bribes.

But one authority who stands out is William Darden (see links below). He has a website featuring an exhaustive body of knowledge replete with well done diagrams and illustrations re everything one could possibly want to know about car batteries. I could find no advertising on any of his websites. He is clearly someone who gets his satisfaction from being the web's leading battery guru as opposed to being a paid spokesman for a brand name. Webbies often quote him respectfully and link to him. He does not report his opinions re which battery to buy at his website; but a careful review of newsgroup postings show that if you look hard enough you can ferret out there in the newsgroups his opinion re which battery to buy.

In 1998 he recommended the Sears Diehard Gold, the Autozone Duralast, and the expensive Optima, all made by Johnson Controls. In 1996 he liked best the Eveready, from Costco, also made by Johnson Controls.

Before pouncing on a Sears Diehard Gold try to check to see if it is made by Johnson Controls. Sears tried another manufacturer, dissatisfaction resulted, then Sears returned to using Johnson Controls. Or so they say. Given the confusion and the vacillation at Sears check before you buy: Is it made by Johnson Controls?

The webbies in general seem to agree with Darden's predilection for these batteries specifically and Johnson Controls in general.

As for the Optima, this battery is about twice as expensive as the usual battery but is generally regarded as the world's best battery. Since it is a deep-cycling battery (unusual for cars) it handles stresses such as being drained of energy and then recharged especially well. And guess what? If you are reading this page you are probably for whatever reasons especially apt to put your car battery through such drain and recharge experiences.

Below you can find relevant hand retitled and selected newsgroup and website links. I would be surprised if you learned more by yourself surfing the net for a few hours than you would from simply perusing these links.

1998 Darden post recommends Sears Diehard Gold, Duralast, Optima
Google Search battery which brand
Another version of Darden's 1996 FAQ
non-brand name qualities to look for in a battery
Optima Red Top vs Optima Yellow Top
JC Whitney's "Battery Brain"--a gadget that regulates battery to prevent power drain
newsgroup post recommends Walmart Everstart
1998 version Darden FAQs
Premiere web battery expert Darden's 1996 version of his famous FAQs
Car Batteries for Dummies by Darden, 1996
Optima Yellow Top deep cycling battery can handle frequent drain and restart battery manufacturer
which outlets carry the respected Johnson Controls batteries
Everstart from Walmart called a good deal for the money
Google Newsgroups Search optima battery johnson controls
How Sears changed from Johnson Controls to Exide and back again
Champion brand batteries from "Sam's Club" for $40 called best deal battery retailer battery manufacturer
Wal Mart battery called better deal than Optima
Optima describes their Optima Deep Cycle type Yellow Top battery
Cannibus Bob pooh poohs the vaunted Optima battery
3 differently priced batteries all called good for the money
historical decline in quality of Exide batteries discussed battery manufacturer battery manufacturer battery retailer battery retailer battery retailer Johnson Controls battery manufacturer
Battery Brain monitors adjusts batteries keeps them healthy
1996 post by Darden reccomments Eveready by Johnson Controls
Darden the web's premiere battery expert's comprehensive FAQ answers personal website
Google Newsgroup Search car battery which brand
pros and cons of Optima and Sears Diehard Gold batteries battery retailer battery retailer

Basics of using the free AOL AIM Instant Messenger Program

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My idea is to sort of use the telekinetic action of the minds of people such as yourselves, to help uplift spirits of all people everywhere (except the ones who should not be uplifted).

This is rational I'll explain to you an original insight I figured out. Just as you could not hear the drumbeats produced by the mind of the drummer if God blocked the sound waves, so also another type of action of God, interference as opposed to non-interference, allows the benevolent thoughts in the mind of a praying person to have effect on others. (this does not mean God approves of everything he allows to happen). So if you do something such as read the poetic prayer I wrote you can find below, you might really be able to accomplish something.

By now anti-religious noises produced with regularity by the argumentative might be beginning to echo through your head. The best way I know to quiet such echoes is to point out that the scriptures have more than once declared, that most of God's thoughts words and deeds are not recorded in scripture.


That God would grant unto all people everywhere
excepting those too evil to be so blessed
that there be an increase in virtue is today's prayer
Hear us Lord Father heed these our prayer requests
For these virtues are like skills of athletic conquest
that make us more proficient in the spiritual contest
more able to be by your Spirit more posessed
more able to defeat enemy forces unblessed
Which are the forces that reduce the number of minutes
in our lives that we spend intoxicated by God's Spirit
the forces that lower the level of intoxication
we are able to achieve even in our exaltation
But all the while help us to charitably understand
that though kind deeds can help someone feel blessed
such acts of kindness done according to your commands
may not have made that someone into a better man
but rather may have helped him to feel sorrow less
help us all, God to be more content with the basics of life
more steadfast and unmoveable in heavenly strife
more able to acquit ourselves like men and be strong
not terrified, shaken or troubled when things go wrong
Give us more endurance of hardness as good soldiers of the Lord
help us to be less disrupted in our spiritual lives
by worldly sorrows and joys by good or bad wives
less hurt by persecution distress and famine and sword
And let not our concern for those we are married to
divert us from good paths right for us set by you
Help us God to be more spiritually minded and fit,
to follow more closely the leadership of your Spirit
Let there be less quenching of Spirit amongst wits
God make us more holy, more filled with the spirit
more filled with the godly grace your power transmits
Let there be amongst us and everywhere here and abroad
more praise fear and service to the God we should adore
more rejoicing in God more thankfulness to the Lord
Help us and all in climates both warm and colder
to become more careful circumspect and sober
Help us abstain from all appearance of evil
make our bodies more holy more conformed to thy will
more worthy of being with your Spirit instilled
Help us God to become more hardworking and diligent
and to lessen our part in noisiness and entanglements
that contradict God's will and the teachings of the prophets
Help us to be less improperly judgemental of sins
and to become more approving of all excellent things
Help us to increase in kindness, blessing and forgiveness
with regards to enemies and persecutors among us
Give us more kindness longsuffering and forbearance
more gentleness, tenderheartedness and patience
Help us to be more peaceful empathetic and sympathetic
and grant that within us there may exist non-synthetic
more love of other persons and of all humans
more brotherly love and more love of good persons
more love between wives of the world and their husbands
Let there be more prayer offered for all persons
and more adherence to the dictates of conscience
more good manners and good behaviour in everyone
Help us to increase amongst us and all persons
virtues of blamelesness, worthiness, and harmlesness
and cheerful mercifulness and hospitality,
and help decrease conduct that harms others spiritually
Grant us God that people be more properly subject to
the government powers truly ordained by you
and that diligence and goodness of governments improve
Let there be more quantity and quality found in all nations
in terms of wise and knowledgeable exhortation
More good ministering and teaching and education
more prophesying of God's truths for edification
more helpful healing and godly comforting of persons
more distribution of necessities to all,
especially to good persons who've answered your call
more relief of the afflicted, as said Saint Paul
more of goodness, and of righteousness and good works
more of the doing of the will of the Lord on earth
Let there be everywhere more heavenly signs
more miracles wonders and mighty deeds divine
more admonishment and abhorrence of evil
more reproval of dark works done against God's will
more anger against the enemy the devil
God our father insofar as your will permits help us
so children show more godly obedience and honor to parents
God grant that parents not be abusive to their children
that a better job of running the families be done
and that parents improve as providers for their little ones
Grant among us and everywhere, O God of good deeds
that we may all increase in the virtues described
so that we may become better spiritual athletes,
and achieve greater success in obtaining the prize,
Your great Holy Spirit that we want in our lives
I ask all this of thee God in the name of Yayzoos your son
now known amongst mankind as Jesus Christ of the christians

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@2003 David Virgil Hobbs

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