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Produced by Danny Lowe (Prototype, QWest, Hammersmith, 451 Degrees...)

Original line-up:

Ian Oscar             - Lead vocals, guitar
David Heidt          - Lead vocals, bass
Mark Gajb             - Vocals, Keys
Winston Quelch    - Guitars
Don Strate             - Drums

Click here to listen to one of the songs of the album of VICTORY GROUP. More soundbytes coming up.

VICTORY GROUP was a Canadian AOR band that released 1 LP in 1982 which is not known by many AOR fans unfortunately. Their LP was produced by Canadian AOR legend Danny Lowe. And although the music of VICTORY GROUP has some typical Canadian AOR influences, there are also lots of Pomp Rock based tracks that sound like LE ROUX or STINGRAY.

The first two tracks ("Tomorrow" and "Rock thru the night") are good midtempo AOR/Pomprockers a la STINGRAY and soem SHELTER. Not the best tracks on this CD, a bit simple in songwriting, but well worth listening. It's track 3 that should attract all AOR fans. The song is called "Goodbye, goodbye", a superb classic early 80s AOR song a la LE ROUX, PREVIEW... The song features some beautiful lead vocals a la FERGIE FREDERIKSEN circa LE ROUX, a great keyboardsolo and a classy masterpiece AOR chorus. "Goodbye, goodbye" is just the perfect AOR song!

Next two tracks are a bit average compared to the classic AOR song we could hear earlier on. "Turn and walk away" is experimental AOR/Pomp like a mixture between LEYDEN ZAR and WRABIT. "Take the time" is the only weak track on the LP. This song is a slow bluesy track that has nothing to do with our musicstyle.

Happily, side-B kicks of with some great pomprock in the shape of "Falling down". "Don't let go" is great midtempo AOR/Pomprock with some great keys and a sound comparable to ROADMASTER. Next track "Fantasia" take things into a different style. This song is slowtempo AOR somehwat like THE AUTOMATIX, with some great harmonyvocals.

Finally, the closing track "It's the road" is a great semi AOR/Pomprock ballad like the third LE ROUX album ('Up'). This song starts very calm with some lovely piano-keys and later has a classy chorus and some beautiful harmonyvocals. A must for LE ROUX fans!

Concluded, this is a great album. Not the whole LP is a classic, but there are a couple of superb tracks that are very interesting if you're into early 80s AOR/Pomprock in the LE ROUX style. Very hard to find this VICTORY GROUP.
(Points: 8.5 out of 10)

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